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Sewing Project

The object of the project is to create a hanging patchwork of fabrics, made up of squares each decorated by individual members of the IWA, on the theme of Culture.

Culture might seem a lofty subject to tackle in such a way but as International women, we each have a different background to explore, draw inspiration from, and choose an image that could be used to express, however simply, what makes our home country so special to us. 

Needless to say, this is not a test of artistic ability!! Anything can be used (fabric, paper, wood, beads, foil, collage, paint, stitches, etc.) to create an image (abstract or not), any colours can be used, etc. The only thing that is fixed is the size of the square: 15 x 15 cm with a good 2cm extra all round for sewing together. 

The actual sewing will be done over a period of time, at home, but of course if people want to gather to do it in groups, so much the better. When we have collected all the squares, I (and hopefully some helpers) will put it together and bring it to a meeting to show everyone. How long it will take will depend on all of us.

Sewing Project Update

June - the project is underway and some squares have been completed. See below for ideas and inspiration.

December - running a little late - planning to assemble the work in January. 






























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