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and revelations 

The videos listed in the INDEX contain many secrets and startling revelations from the past.  Below we pose some questions, in no particular order, not only will they test your knowledge, but they will enable you to discuss them with others. The answers can be found in the videos - as numbered.


  • What did silent film start Lillian Gish and organist Buddy Bond have in common?   (Answer in video No 1)


  • Even in the 1930s money was tight, so one enterprising cinema manager built his own cinema organ. Who was it?  (Answer in video No 18)


  • Which organist made recordings using the name Sister Slocum?   (Answer in video No 6)


  • Which organist played a Hammond, but had the surname of Compton?   (Answer in video No 15)


  • In his lifetime of commercial recordings what was the tune that Reginald Dixon only ever recorded once?  (Answer in video No 2)


  • Two Midlanders: one a sound engineer and the other an organist, together pioneered the first commercial released multi-tracked organ sound. Who were they?   (Answer in video No 8)


  • Which American organist is reputed to have made all his recordings in London’s Piccadilly Gardens?  (Answer in video No 4)


  • Which Bolton Wanderer played like Fats Waller?  (Answer in video No 5)


  • A famous Blackpool artist is heard on the shortest organ music CD ever released. Who was it?  (Answer in video No 3)


  • Who recorded on a Strato organ?   (Answer in video No 9)



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