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Alan. Just wondered if you had any information regarding the present position of the two Compton organs belonging to the late Ronald Curtis? Around 6 years ago I delivered a pair of Yamaha speakers to the Paramount Organ Studio and saw for myself the two Comptons (one of which was fired-up for me to briefly play) and an enormous collection of other home organs and pianos. These Comptons should not be allowed to be forgotten over the course of time nor the talents of Ronald Curtis.

Incidentally, I have much appreciated the Youtube biopics of some past famous players. Thank you for your contributions to the historical record.
Posted by Jeremy Collar on 27 April 2012
Thank you for your message of concern. I couldn't agree more as Ron was a good friend of mine and I had the pleasure of compereing many of the organ concerts there in the early days. To the best of my knowledge the two Compton's are still there and intact, though by now I could not begin to imagine in what condition. As I understand it Ron left everything to his close friend Everson Whittle...beyond that I don't have any other knowledge of agreements or conditions which Ron may or may not have placed on the arrangement with Everson. My best answer is that you write a letter to him at the Paramount Organ Studio. Thank you also for your comments on the Organ Celebrities series. It is one of the reasons why I began the series
because I truly believe that organists who have contributed so much to the music that we enjoy, should in some small way have complimentary recognition. But over the question of those two fine Compton's, I do think it is a great shame that they appear (and I have no knowledge either way!) to now be no longer playable. As for the collection of other organs and I believe a mini concert piano, again I can only hope they are safe and, like the Compton's, being maintained in a playing condition.
Posted by Alan on 27 April 2012
superb music!
I've very much enjoyed listening to a few of the vintage recordings. They are very well done - I've appreciated hearing some new (to me) tunes. I'll be back for more!
Posted by Brian Keith on 01 September 2010
Thank you for your comments Brian. A few more in the pipeline in the months ahead...but in the meantime, please tell all your friends about the series.
Posted by Alan Ashton on 01 September 2010
Hi im tracey im 44 and i actually had the pleasure of playing on the compton at ronnies studio when i was quite young around 7 i think.my mum and dad were very close friends of his (jack and eileen pickersgill) when we lived in little lever.they'd go for a drink in the seven stars.
I so hope these organs aren't going to get forgot about.the sound when playing is amazing,they were rons world.i know i was blown over coming up through the floor sat in front of this amazing organ.and when ron played you were blown away from depth of the sound.he was a very talented organist.
Posted by tracey on 05 February 2015
Hello Tracey. I must have met you all those years ago, for I do remember your Mum & Dad as being fans and friends of Ron, as well as organ enthusiasts in general. It does seem a shame that two beautifully restored organs are no longer in public use. But yes, Ron was a never to be forgotten character, and his playing is sadly missed.
Posted by Alan Ashton on 23 March 2015
Hi, I have no intentions of going there but do you happen to know the address of Ron`s organ studio. I am just curious as someone told me it was wreck and a former friend of Ron`s has contacted asking for the same. I`d be grateful for any help.


I still have PARAMOUNT ORGAN STUDIO, 11 SMITHS ROAD, DARCY LEVER. BOLTON BL3 2PP listed in my address book. I understand that it is still inhabited but as for your 'wreck' description I really have no idea because for the past 20 years I've lived in Cornwall! Sorry I can't be of more help, but you've reminded me that its some time since I featured Ron in my shows, so I'll make amends next month.
Posted by Ms Hazel Louise Brooks on 07 June 2020
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