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Eco People ICroft and Hurworth

EPICH Started life as Friends of the Community - Hurworth.  This name prompted more questions than it answered so in 2013 the Group decided to turn to Hurworth and Croft Primary schools for inspiration, and they came up with the acronym EPICH, “Eco People In Croft & Hurworth", reflecting EPICH's purpose to improve biodiversity around the village, and this website gives an overview of its work.

EPICH was wound down in August 2022, but community assets created by it, and Friends of the Community before it - the Community Heritage Orchard, bird feeding station, bug hotel at Hurworth Grange, and the apiary - will continue to be maintained by Hurworth Village Bees group, suported by volunteers - the Friends of Hurworth Village Bees.  They will also continue EPICH's interest in improving the biodiversity of un-owned land and forgotten corners of the village.  If you would like to be involved in any of these kinds of activities, or suggest others of your own, please email Hurworth Village Bees


Other useful sites:

Visit Hedgehog Street.

Build a minibeast hotel

Build a mini pond

National Nestbox Week

And find out about EPICH and Friends of the Community's projects round the village, at The Grange, and Supporting Wildlife


EPICH has its own apiary, hosted from 2013 until 2021 at Clervaux Garden School in Croft and then at the Rockliffe Estate in Hurworth.  The apiary was started with £3000 sponsorship from County Durham Community Foundation.  












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