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Welcome to the Home Page of
Dai Dust - FBI

and his views of the world around him

Please note that Dai Dust is resting and is unable to respond to any messages for a while, however, please feel free to use the guestbook - see Menu 


Dai Dust is a member of the FBI – Free British Individuals, and is proud to be able to speak his mind and write his views freely on this website, which is part of the British way of life.  Whether you will agree with him is another thing – frankly, he does not mind, because he knows for a fact that many do.


The fact that others do not know him means he can circulate in public and get unbiased and straight talking feedback.  


Dai thinks that when a person holds a public office they have a duty to others – and when they are elected the responsibility is greater.  They must stand up to scrutiny by those who put them in power. Abusing that power, or taking advantage of it unfairly must be highlighted – and that is one of the things that Dai intends to do, sometimes with humour, sometimes with a sting – but always with a sincere intention.


The right to reply in the GUESTBOOK  (for everyone to see), means that democracy is the keyword on this website – so any views can be two way – and no one can be fairer than that.


If you would to write to Dai personally, then please select FEEDBACK from Menu.  He would like to hear from you, whether you agree with him or not,


Dai, it’s now over to you to put the cat among the pigeons, and to report from the heart with honesty, sincerity and fair play in mind.


…….. Frank Phillips


PS.  Put this website in your favourites so that you can return often.
        Give this website address to your friends:  www.daidust.co.uk



Dai Dust is not responsible for any advertisements on the website and does not endorse them in any way whatsoever.   The views expressed by him are written in good faith and are intended to benefit the community by highlighting matters often in the public domain and mentioned in the media.

No responsibility is accepted for the content of this website by those hosting it or by any associated person or persons.  There is no connection with Private Eye or any other website who may or may not have links to this website. 






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