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Items of Interest:-

  1.  Breed Standard
  2.  Health Issues - including our only experience to date of Bloat.
  3. Follow this link to Mick and Glenis Peach's Kilbourne Website, this will enable you to look up details of most Deerhound Pedigrees .
  4.  This link will take you to Pedigrees of  Champion Deerhounds  on Mick and Glenis's Kilbourne website.
  5.  Deerhound Club membership details and Application Form.
  6.  Losing a Hound  Read down to the end of the page and I am sure the poems on Hilary Jupp's Irish Wolfhound site will have you sobbing, my eyes were full of tears! 
  7.  Scottish Deerhound Club of America -  Information Leaflet
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