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Breesfalt Bruichladdich


Neroche Ferryman to Kilbourne / Breesfalt Killkerran

I did not show Bru very much, for no particular reason other than over the last ten years or so we have not really got to too many shows.  He has also had a skin condition which is taking absolutely years to get on top of.  However, he did win a Reserve Challenge Certificate, which is his claim to fame.

Bruich has always been a bit of a loner, quite content to curl up on a bed and leave the others to play.  Occasionally he will play, but on a one to one basis, if everyone is jumping around and barking he will disappear back to his bed and leave them to get on with it.

 Bru and Evie.  Room for a little one - if I move very slowly he may not know I am here and I can just snuggle down.

Bruich practising for his first show.

Bruich and Evie

Bruich will be 9yrs old in a few days (22/11/08).  Here are some pictures I took of him in the garden last weekend.

Evie sneaked in for this one, she does not like being left out.

and...... you are never too old to let your hair down and play.

Following Laura's success showing Merlin and Evie she now wants to do more and is practising with Bruich for the Deerhound Club Breedshow, this year it is being held at the Dunblane Hydro Hotel.

and finally............. don't forget to stop, there is a ditch in front of you!

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