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Videos from our Garden

January 2015

My brother visited recently with Dexter, his labradoodle.  I will upload a couple of videos shortly, when the deerhounds were in front Dexter could not get near them but when Dexter was in front the hounds just ran at the right speed to keep up with him.

June 2011

We are lucky enough to have Red Squirrels resident in our garden.  Each year the number visiting the nuts swells for a while from one or two to three or four, which I assume are the youngsters before they are turfed out and move on.  These last few months the visits have been very infrequent rather than the usual daily ones, so we were not sure if they had all moved on or what had happened.  However, the daily visits started about a week ago and they are back in force again which is lovely to watch.  Here is one tucking into the nuts which he has tipped down from the tree.


March 2011 - A tiny clip of a couple of distant red deer disappearing into the trees.


4th December 2010 - some shakey pictures of the Buzzards who are regular visitors to our bird table.  Also below this is a small clip of a Blackbird on the same table to give you an idea of the size. 



Unusual visitors to our garden since the beginning of April have been some Red Legged Partridges.  They are not a native of Scotland but apparently someone said that a local estate has released some, they must have found their way to our garden.  Despite being chased on numerous occasions by Evie they are still coming back.  Originally there were three, but over the last couple of weeks there have just been the two.  We have been told they are very tasty but we will just enjoy watching them.

 They are extremely vocal birds and spend the whole time chattering constantly to each other.  If they separate they put up a real row until back together again.


Daily visitors to the bird table are a couple of Buzzards.  They are impressive looking birds and look lovely soaring above the garden against a blue sky on a sunny day.  Over the years these have been chased by many of our dogs but that doesn't stop them coming in and crying for their meal if nothing is on the bird table for them.

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