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In Living Educational Theory research how can Adlerian life priorities contribute to understanding alongsideness values guiding my community practice – and their contradiction? (2021) Unpublised. Uses Adlerian psychology and tools to understand personal meanings motivating practical relationships and values.


Alongsideness and the Crucial Cs in Public Health:Using Enquiring Practice to Foster Change and Understanding with Parents and in Communities.  (2021) Jnl of Individual Psychology vol. 77. no.2 pp190-203. Summer 2021. Describes my use of the Adlerian Crucial Cs to meet public health needs as a UK health visitor.

How do we understand and explain how we use early recollections as a research method for finding fuller meaning in the values of wellbeing weintend to promote in our practices? Occasional paper published by IFLAS, (2020) University of Cumbria, UK. Sonia Hutchison & Robyn Pound. Describe our experience of presentinting Early Recollections as a research method tp Adlerian practitioners, at IASSI Workshops, Sibiu, Romania, July 2019.

How Adlerian Life Priorities contribute to Practice Values in research   Exploration of the contribution Adlerian life priorities make to values indentifed in practitioner research. 2020 unpublished [includes Crucial Cs]   Paper reworked in 2021

Leadership Through Alongsideness (2020) with co author Ruth Grant. Chapter 15
3rd Edition. In Eds S.Cowley,K Whittaker Community Public Health Polocy and Practice: A Source Book. Elsevier, Oxford [includes Crucial Cs]  Is about alongside relationships of practitioners with individuals, families and in community development projects

Moving on Up! Movement Therapy for PND -Final Report to Big Lottery 2012-2018

Retired from Health Visiting to volunteer with Makeamove and support preactitioner researchers 2016

Healh Visiting Relationships in Child Protection - Reflective piece written in 2015 (unpublished)  Includes diagram from 2003 updated in 2015 and again 2020

Therapeutic Movement for Postnatal Depression EJOLTS Jnl Living Theories 2014                                           [                                                  [References the Crucial Cs] 

Influences on Relationship-based health visiting Pt 2 Journal of Health Visiting 2014                                    [                                                  [References the Crucial Cs]

Influences on Relationship-based health visiting Pt 1 Journal of Health Visiting 2014

Alongsideness+Living Theory research in practice Pt 2 Journal Health Visiting, 2013                                                                                  [includes Crucial Cs]

Alongsideness+Living Theory research in practice Pt 1 Journal Health Visiting, 2013                                                                                 [includes Crucial Cs]

Adlerian approach to Babies' Sleep. (2013) UK Adlerian Year Book. ASIIP UK         .   ...(see video in LINKS Ruth Helps George to Sleep (2012)        [includes Crucial Cs]

APEX- Living Legacies. Ed A Henon Practitioner stories mark the end of APEX. About my parent and community development practice. For Whole document 2012

The Tangible Christopher Pound
 Compiled Robyn Pound, Bear Flat Publisher.2009

Jack Whitehead: Validations  Compiled Pound & Huxtable, Bear Flat Publisher. 2009

Creativity Works about Community Development in Snowhill, nesa, 2009 Report of the wider multi-agency community projects my parents group grew into.

Alongside Leadership (Chapter 17) in Cowley Ed. Community Public Health in Policy and Practice: A Source book, 2005  [includes Crucial Cs]  Community development and work with individual families

 Diploma in Adlerian psychology 2008

                                                                                                                            PHD Thesis 2003:  How can I improve my Heakth Visiting support of Parenting? The Creation od an Alongside Epistemology Through Action Enquiry,    

Health Visiting Practice and Knowledge Pt1  in Community Practitioner, 2001

Health Visiting Practice and Knowledge Pt2  in Community Practitioner, 2001 Collaborative paper with health visitor colleagues about the knowledge we use.

The significance of personal history in the values and agendas of Health Visitors  Educational Action Research. 2000 Practice research report  [includes Crucial Cs]  

Registered for PhD 1995-2003 to find alternative parenting methods and action on wider influences on family relationships   

A Health Visitor's Experience. The Cornmarket Family Centre 1970-1995. J.Burcombe, Avon Social Services. 1995  Beginnings my understanding of families in community

Children's Rights and the Health of the Nation. Health visitor, 1994 67.6 pp192-194

Registered for BA in Health Studies  to find out about children's rights 

Promoting Poaitive Parenting: New Horizons for the prevention of child abuse. In Eds Naish & Cloke. Key Issues in Child Protection. Longman, 1991

No Smacking in Practice. In Eds. Cook, James, Leach. Positively No Smacking. HVA & EPOCH 1991 

Positively No Smacking Health Visitor, 1991. 64.No.9.pp289-291

Help Your Child to Sleep1989. Millstream Books. Out of Print

Trained as Health Visitor, Ewell Surrey 1973

Registered nurse New Zealand 1967 and in UK 1968

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