ICASSI 2021 will be on-line because of Covid-19

ICASSI 2020 in Belarus is cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


International Summer Institue ICASSI

The Summer Institute was established by Rudolf Dreikurs in 1962 as a method of sharing, training end extending use of the psychology of Alfred Adler, not only as a psychological method of treatment, but a philosophy of life. Adler and Dreikurs were convinced that prevention was more important than treatment. They saw the need to promote Adlerian education methods in the home, school and community to enable children to reach higher levels of functioning and develop greater sense of their own strength and ability; with responsibilities of citizenship in a free world. Dreikurs visualized promoting acceptance of “social interest" among a steadily widening group of people world-wide, who would experience living in harmony and peace.

I, Robyn, have used Adlerian psychology in my previous working life as a health visitor in the UK and continue to use it working for the Makeamove charity (report and video); and supporting practitioner's research in the fields of education and the practical use of Adlerian psychology. See 'Presentations and Publications ' and 'Useful Web Links' in the menu.

This year, with Sonia Hutchison, I attended ICASSI in Sibiu, Romania to extend our knowledge of Adlerian psychology in our research into each of our fields of interest using Living Educational Theory, and to ask participants' opinions in a presentation /workshop of Early Recollections as a research method.  Our new understandings from this workshop with 20 participants, will be posted here in due course.  We would like to thank all of you who attended for your enthusiastic interest in the topic and especially to Fox for videoing it.

Here are the handouts:

documents/workshop-plan-icassi-v3-1.pdf  (with recording an ER for research)



You will also find a reflective practice method called Spirals and a dfaft paper which informs my current research into ERs as a research method under 'Adlerians Skype Group 2019'

Our further insights will be posted here in due course.

We would be very interested to hear your thoughts via the email link under 'Contact us' in the menu opposite.

ICASSI 2018   Bonn, Germany

My first ICASSI. Hot dry summer. Magical, exhilarating experience of Adlerian values of inclusion lived in such a large group. Attended workshops on Sculpting with Ursua Oberst and Couple Counseling with Yvonne Schurer.  Both continue to influence my work in Makeamove. I made a video presentation anout Makeamove to small Special interest Group. 

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