Adlerian Skype Group 2018

The Adlerian Skype Group consists of four Adlerian practitioners:

Margaret Wadsley, Rosemarie White, Carmen Tamas, Robyn Pound

and two interested specialists in Living Theory methodology:

Marie Huxtable, Jack Whitehead (developed Living Theory- see www.actionresearch.net)

The group meets weekly on Skype to discuss each of our enquiries about using Adlerian psychology.

Meetings are video recorded.  Some of the videos have been edited into short films annotated to show qualities of conversation, movement of individual insight and the development of collective understanding. These films will form part of an explanation of our emerging understanding of Adlerian psychology, Living Theory educational research methodology and less tangible aspects of our influence as practitioners and committed communicators.

On this page you will find links to some short films that illustrate some of our Skype enquiries as practitioner researchers.   These films contribute to our data collection, search for meaning and building of explanations of our emboddied knowledge.

In this link Jack Whitehead helps the early Skype members to understand Living Theory educational research:

Early Adlerian Skype Sessions   

Here we explore ethical considerations in the editing of Skype videos:

Ethics in video making

Rosemarie uses an Early Recollection in her enquiry:

Rosemarie uses an ER in her enquiry

Rosemarie reflects on the emergence of her values:

Rosemarie's research reflections 

A summary of Carmen's journey over two years shown in seven video clips:

Carmen's journey in 7 videos  

Marie Huxtable helps us think about differences between Adlerian psychology and Living Theory methodology; therapy or therapeutic:


Jack explores a new understanding of recognition reflex in relation to social interest and community feeling:


Robyn is challenged about self criticism:

Robyn comes to new understanding  

Robyn explains her PhD thesis (2003)

How do I improve my health visiting support of parents? An 'alongside' epistemology.

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