Adlerian Skype Group 2019

Adlerians Margaret Wadsley, Rosemarie White, Carmen Tamas, Robyn Pound continue  meeting weekly on Skype 

Marie Huxtable and Jack Whitehed support our Living Educational Theory process. See: www.actionresearch.net             Joy Mounter and Sonia Hutchison are Living Educational Theory researchers interested in Adlerian psychology for its relevance to their enquiries.


ASIIP UK Spring Conference March 2019

This year we are joined by Joy Mounter to present an enquiry method suitable for Adlerian practioners.

Researching ourselves in our relationships with others using 'Spirals':
A co-creative space for community learning

Joy is an educationalist currently undertaking PhD research into supporting enquiring opportunities for all ages from primary school children to adults undertaking Masters level research projects.  

We are excited to introduce this method because of the range of requirements on Adlerian practitioners to evaluate and account for what we are doing.

For example:   

• Collating evidence for diploma, IIP accreditation and BACP accreditation.

• Evaluating and explaining supervisory practice

• Practitioners wishing to understand, improve, evaluate + explain their practice.

• Exploring questions such as, 'How do I use Adlerian psychology in my life?'

• Methodology for approaching continuing professional development projects.

• Collecting evidence to show how my practice is effective?'

• Explore, 'How do I introduce Adlerian psychology in my workplace?'

• Research for academic accreditation towards a higher degree.

Link to Video of Joy explaining Spirals on Skypewww.youtu.be/0ZndMWaggXQ

Link to Video of Primary School Researchers using TASC (thanks to Joy Mounter)www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti4syOrIDdY

For more see Spirals for Adlerians page in the Menu


ICASSI Romania 2019

Sonia researching for a PhD, is particularly interested in her self-created style from childhood to avoid usual statistical outcomes from being a ‘child in care’, to become the Chief Executive of a large charity supporting carers. Sonia is working with Robyn and the Adlerian Skype Group to explore the use of Early Recollectiona as a research method for Living Theory researchers.  Together they will attend ICASSI 2019 in Romania to continue their enquiries and offer a discussion workshop to consider this idea further with participants.

Early Recollections as a research method for practitioner self study.

For Robyn, researching with Sonia is an opportunity to use ERs as a research method to explore further early influences on values of 'alongsideness'.  Recorded in  Living-values and Life-Priorities paper 2020.

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