Adlerian Skype Group 2020

For You Tube video of Robyn and Margaret introducing how The Crucial Cs can be used:
"An Educational Process: The Adlerian Crucial Cs for understanding human relationships
Resources recommended in video and paper below:
'Raising Kids Who Can' Amy Lew & Betty Lou Bettner (1996) Introduces 'The Crucial Cs' referred to in video above.
For the Work Sheet used in the video.
For The Lew and Bettner Crucial Cs 'A Summary" 
The more detail of  the Crucial Cs 'Mistaken Goals and profound statements'  


Using Adlerian psychology techniques as exploratory methods for Living Theory research:


Practice Values and Life priorities  A paper (2020) about using Adlerian psychology, early recollections and other self-awareness-raising techniques in Living Theory research into practical relationships.  An exploration of an individual's life style in the construction of personal values motivating practice intentions and life priorities involved in their contradiction.  This paper emerged out of the 'Spirals' example paper written for the 2019 ASIIP conference.

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