A selection of presentations: 



  • Adlerian Skype Research Group  24.3.19  presents Spirals for Enquirers with Educator Joy Mounter at the ASIIP Spring conference  For video     'Spirals' was modified as a self-study enquiry method for Adlerian Practitioners finding Living Theory Research too academic.  For more details see Spirals for Enquirers in Menu

​​Photo by Rosemarie White


  • 'Ruth Helps George to Sleep'  2012 15 min You Tube video.  Ruth describes to Robyn her use of the alongsideness method to help George learn to sleep.  ​See also 'Publications'. In two articles - UK Adlerian Year book and Journal of Health Visiting - Ruth and Robyn explain their experiences of working together using the Crucial Cs.

  •  'Building Community Capacity in B&NES' 2012        Presentation about local community development activities to Public Health Practitioners​.  Bridgewater, Somerset, Summer     More explanation in 'Leadership as alongsidness' Chapter in Public Health Policy and Practice (in press with Elsevier, 2020)


  • 'Action Enquiry in Practice'  2006   A non-interactive PDF version of Robyn's presentation to research practitioners Auckland University, Canterbury University, Christcurch NZ   ​Outline of the motivations, community development activites and public campaigning leading to and during the PhD process.  Gives a summary of alongsideness in health visiting practice and the part played by reflective Living Theory action research




  • Understanding and Working with Children and Young People with Emotional and Behavioural Problems. In Child + Adolescent Mental Health Multi-Agency Training workshop. Groups lead by Karen Johnand Robyn Pound for Continuing Vocational Educational Initiative for Avon Health Authority, University of the West of England, Bristol City Council.  1998


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