Presentations: a selection

  • Adlerian Skype Research Group presents Spirals for Enquirers with Joy Mounter and the ASIIP Spring conference 24.3.19  For video [Click here For more details see Spirals for enquirers in the Menu

'Alongsideness in working relationships and as an epistemology: What does alongsideness mean to me ... and to you?'   Presentation to Adlerian Society UK Conway Hall London, 13 June 2017.  [Click Here]

Alongsideness as it evolves in new contexts promoting mental wellbeing and responding to mental distress.  Looks at the meld of Living Theory educational research, Adlerian psychology and alongside relationships in an alongside epistemology influencing social change. 



'Ruth Helps George to Sleep' 15 min video - Ruth describes her use of the alongsideness method to help George learn to sleep to Robyn (2012) [https://youtu.be/4v5kKiYMk2Q]



  • 'Building Community Capacity in B&NES' Presentation about local community development activities to Public Health Practitioners​.  Bridgewater, Somerset, Summer 2012  [Click Here]


  • Understanding what I am doing: 'How can I improve my health visiting support of family relationships? Presentation to Practitioner Graduates University of West of England 2006 [Click Here]


  • 'Action Enquiry in practice'. A non-interactive PDF version of Robyn's presentation to practitioners at Auckland University + Canterbury University, Christcurch NZ 2006 [Click Here] 

Gives an outline of the motivations, community development activites and public campaigning leading to and during the PhD process.  Gives a summary of alongsideness in health visiting practice and the part played by reflective Living Theory action research


  • 'Creating alongsideness in community practice as we each ask,"How can we each improve what we are doing?"' Presentation to the Adlerian Society UK  Conway Hall London, December 2005.   [Click here]

Describes context, activities and emergence of 'alongsideness' in my health visiting practice, using Living Theory to answer questions about supporting families within an agenda of rights for children - PhD research

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