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The Leisure Suite is now run by the LHPA as a domestic Private Members facility.

Category 1 Membership is exclusively restricted to owners, and their friends & family.

Category 2 Membership allows long stay tenants, resident within Lothian House, to also join and use these facilities, if they meet the stipulated conditions.

Short Stay visitors to Lothian House are not permitted to use the Leisure Suite.

Membership forms and further information can be downloaded by logging into this website to access the LHPA's Library.


Terms and Conditions: 

Category 1 Users:  Membership is exclusively restricted to owners, and their friends & family:

PRIMARY FOBS: Upon application, proprietors of all EIGHTY-EIGHT (88) properties will be entitled to TWO (2) Primary fobs at the fob cost, each of which will provide full access to the Lothian House Leisure Suite during official opening hours. Proprietors may nominate themselves, a co-owner, partner, or relative to whom each of these fobs will be issued. Owners will also be entitled to free access per apartment for a maximum of TWO (2) children under the age of SIXTEEN (16) years. Any such children remain the responsibility of the adult/s bringing them into the facilities and must be constantly supervised by said adult/s whilst within the Leisure Suite. Primary Fobs will also allow a maximum of FOUR (4) Accompanied Friends/Family guests (per property, not per fob, but for clarity, either fob may be used to register access for these additional guests).

SECONDARY FOBS: TWO (2) additional Secondary fobs are available for purchase by proprietors at the fob cost, which provide access for Unaccompanied Owners/Friends/Family. These will each attract a Maintenance Levy of £20 per calendar month, payable quarterly. No pro-rata adjustments will be made. If any of these fobs are issued to people who will be using the facilities regularly, they will be required to register with the LHPA and provide photo ID.

All FOUR (4) of these fobs are for use only by owners, their family and close personal friends, they are NOT transferrable to children, acquaintances, work colleagues, tenants, commercial short-stay visitors or anyone not previously known to the proprietor. A fair usage policy will apply and owners are entirely responsible for the behaviour of any person whom they allow to use these fobs. Fobs issued under this category will require proof of ownership and photo ID. Proprietors will be totally responsible for all users of fobs under this category and will be liable for any damages or mis-use. Breaching conditions of use may result in all fobs issued to the offender’s flat being cancelled for a period of time as a penalty.

Category 2 Users:  Membership is available to long stay tenants who have proof of residence in Lothian House, subject to the agreement of their landlord. Payment of a refundable £250 security deposit is required, along with a £30 administration fee which includes the issuing of a security door fob, plus there is a maintenance levy of £20 per calendar month, payable quarterly in advance.  



a) The facilities will be unmanned. Usage and access will be based largely upon an honesty system, supported by proof of entitlement & identity, and attracting penalties for breaches.

b) Access is not guaranteed and may be limited at times due to issues such as restricted opening hours, failure of any part of the facilities or capacity requirements.

c) To increase security, aid crime prevention & detection, 24hr CCTV recording will be throughout the basement facilities. This will be used in accordance with ICO regulations and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

d) Colour coded access fobs will be issued individually under a contractual agreement with the LHPA, linked to the existing KMS fob security system, with a requirement for Photo Identification (eg Driver’s Licence or Passport) as deemed appropriate for each Membership Category to assist with CCTV identification.

e) Owners and tenants must apply for their fobs by completing a Membership Application Form (which can be accessed by logging into the secure area of this website and then downloaded from the Library). 

f) All fob users will be required to attend induction sessions before their fobs are issued.

g) Fob holders MUST always fob themselves and all their accompanied guests into the Leisure Suite individually & separately and not permit any tail gaiting.  Tenant members have NO rights to bring any guests into the facility, nor to loan their fobs to any other person. 

h) Responsibility for mis-use, accidental damage or vandalism resulting from use of Category 1 fobs will fall upon the owners of that property, who will be invoiced for all associated costs to rectify the damage, which might be limited to the insurance excess if a claim is made for rectification.

i) In the case of Category 2 fobs, initial responsibility will lie with the tenant individually, up to the amount of the LHPA’s insurance excess –payable as a Refundable Security Deposit. However, should there be difficulties in obtaining additional payment for damages eg in relation to non-insurable events or which exceed the Security Deposit amount, the LHPA reserves the right the hold the proprietor ultimately responsible for financial recompense.

j) All payments associated with basement access will be payable in advance, by bank transfer into the LHPA's Main Bank Account, and will be shown on the Common Charges Statement as having offset the costs of maintaining the basement facilities. 



a) The Leisure Suite is an unmanned private domestic facility. There is no lifesaver. The LHPA recommends that users do not swim alone, however, should individuals decide to do so it is entirely at their own risk. All users must be responsible for their own Health & Safety and ensure their actions do not endanger any other user.

b) Fobs are issued on a personal basis, with individual responsibility, and must not be transferred for the use or benefit of any other person.

c) All users must fob themselves into the premises individually and not permit any tail gaiting under any circumstances.

d) In an emergency situation, including medical emergencies, any fob user may assist bona fide emergency service personnel to enter the Leisure Suite.

e) Loss or theft of fobs must be notified to the LHPA promptly.

f) Usage of these facilities will be subject to capacity controls and therefore entry may be denied at any time or users may be asked to leave to allow other users to share the premises. A policy of fair usage will apply.

g) The LHPA does not guarantee access, but will endeavour to open the facilities during the published opening times, as advertised.

h) Any safety instructions issued by an LHPA Committee member, or a representative of the LHPA, must be obeyed immediately, including orders for safe evacuation.

i) The THREE (3) Fire Escape Doors (in the Pool Hall, Corridor & Games Room) are fully alarmed and must only be opened during an emergency evacuation.

j) Instructions must be followed for the safe usage of all equipment.

k) Users must assess their own health, fitness levels, and the suitability of the equipment provided for their own purposes.

l) No alcohol may be consumed within the facilities, excluding during social events organized or approved by the LHPA.Intoxicated users may be declined entry or asked to leave the Leisure Suite immediately.

m) Illegal drugs must not be brought into the Leisure Suite and anyone thought to be under the influence of drugs may be asked to leave and will be reported to Police.

n) No glass products are to be taken into the Pool Hall.

o) Food and beverages must only be consumed within the café area, excluding during social events organized or approved by the LHPA. Payment for products supplied by the LHPA will be based upon an honesty system, backed up by good CCTV coverage.

p) Users are expected to respect the facilities and take due care to preserve these.

q) Children who are SIXTEEN (16) years of age or under must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

r) No large groups or parties are permitted, excluding social events organized or approved by the LHPA.

s) On the spot penalties may apply to any breach of these contractual conditions which may include reprimands, charges for damages and possible cancellation of access to the facilities for periods up to TWELVE(12) months, applying to all fobs issued to the individual apartment. Appeals against penalties may be submitted to the LHPA Committee for consideration. The LHPA Committee’s decision is final.

t) The LHPA does not accept liability for accidents or incidents arising as a result of incorrect or inappropriate usage of any aspect of the Leisure Suite. Statutory obligations apply.

u) The LHPA has Zero Tolerance to swearing, threats, verbal abuse and acts of violence. Anyone behaving in this manner will be asked to leave the facilities and may be reported to Police.

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