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Frequently Asked Questions

My door fob has stopped working. What should I do?

The LHPA cannot offer an emergency service, but please email lhpa124@hotmail.com and we will arrange a date and a time to replace / reset your fob. Please include the colour of your faulty fob when you contact us.

For pressing matters please phone or send a text message to the Committee Mobile 07305-474-061 Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm.

I need a new door fob. What should I do?

Please complete the form Application for Main Door Security Fobs.  Please email lhpacommittee@hotmail.com and we will send you a copy of the form.  The form contains instructions for payment and how to submit the form once completed.

I have lost my door fob. What should I do?

Please report this immediately by email to LHPA124@hotmail.com   Please include the flat number and colour of the lost fob.

I have noticed a problem with the building. How do I report it?

If it is not an emergency please email lhpacommittee@hotmail.com.  In a pressing situation please phone the Committee Mobile 07305-474-061, between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, or leave a message if you are calling outwith these hours


How do I arrange an electricity meter reading/ top up / works access?

Meter readings and top-ups are being done weekly by a committee member, please email by 5pm Wednesdays lhpameters@hotmail.com including flat number. Contact the same email for works access to meters, providing at least 48 hrs notice.

I want to join the Leisure Suite. How do I apply for membership?

The website provides detailed advice under memberships.  Please read this and then email lhpacommittee@hotmail.com and you will be sent the appropriate form.

There is an issue with the equipment in the Leisure Suite. How do I report it?

Please email lhpacommittee@hotmail.com

What are the opening times for the Leisure Suite?

Opening times can be found on the website under opening hours.

I would like to have a social event in the Leisure Suite. How do I apply?

All proposed social events are discussed at committee.  Events are restricted to members only, these facilities are not available for hire to the general public. Please email lhpacommittee@hotmail.com and we will look at your proposal.

I have a bike. Where can I store it?

Please contact lhpacommittee@hotmail.com and someone will respond. There is a small locked bike store in the south end of Lothian House, but sometimes there is a waiting list for residents to use this. A security deposit applies.  Bikes must not be left in the common areas at any time.

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