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A wealth of information, relevant to owing a flat in Lothian House, is included on this website. This is also available to prospective or new purchasers. Please email lhpa124@hotmail.com  for Log-In Details.

There is a "New Owners' Welcome Letter", detailing the main points which LHPA would like you to be aware of. Copies of Factoring Accounts, Minutes of Meetings, Common Building Insurance Policy Details & Financial information are also available in the Library section on this website.

Please also look at the tab FOR TENANTS and FOR SHORT STAY GUESTS, particularly if you intend to rent out your property, as this will draw your attention to some of the issues involved regarding tenancies and holiday lets.  Please note that short stay guests are not permitted to use the Leisure Suite.


SELLERS:  Here is a short check list for Lothian House flat sales:

1. Advise the LHPA when you put your property up for sale, including details of the selling agent/solicitor.

2. Download the Information Sheet for Sellers from this website's library (log-in is requried).

3. Advise the LHPA as soon as your property is sold, including the purchaser/s name/s and the Date of Entry when this is known. 


PURCHASERS: Here is the checklist of what we need NEW OWNERS to do please:

1. Familiarise yourself with this website. (Email lhpa124@hotmail.com  to obtain the log-in details so that you can access the owners pages and library.)

2. Read the New Owner welcome letter

3. Read the House Rules. (*These are currently being compiled).

4. Read the Constitution.

5. Download the New Owners Information form, complete this and return it to the LHPA asap to  lhpa124@hotmail.com. Please include proof of your ownership and details of all registered owners of your property. This can be a copy of the relevant pages of your Deeds, or a letter from your lawyer showing who the new owners are to be. 

6. Advise the LHPA of how many door fobs you have received from the seller, which colours these are, and if you need to purchase more.

7. The LHPA will issue you with a £300 Float Invoice, which will provide 30 days for payment to be made.

8. At the end of the quarter following your Date of Entry, you will be issued with a pro-rata invoice for your share of the common charges expenses.  

9. If you would like to join the Lothian House Leisure Suite, which is a private members facility, please download and return the Category 1 Memberships Application form which can be found in the website Library.


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