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Pilkington Panels - with thanks to Canmore for preserving these images

These Pilkington Panels, which were created for Lothian House, were made by the  ?Foundry, and they have 8 different designs. 4 of these depict each of the seasons and the other 4 scenes depict the main trades of Edinburgh at that time. These panels comprise one of the unique features of Lothian House, and are prominently positioned below each of the windows all along the facade of this special building. 


The 2 Pilkington Panels featured on this page were donated to the LHPA by Paul Stevenson, of GSS Developments (Abderdeen) Ltd, when he demolished the adjacent building which previously displayed these historic panels.  These panels have now been relocated inside the Fountainbridge entrance of Lothian House.  Each panel weighed around half a ton and their preservation was a major team effort. Mounting them onto the reinforced walls at Lothian House was particularly challenging, but thanks to Paul this was eventually achieved with the assistance of his structural engineers.  




This section of Lothian House was demolished to make way for the new development at 2 Semple Street. 

The 2 decorative Pilkington Panels (the only 2 on this section of the building) can be seen insitu on the corner elevation. 
















The panels can be seen in more detail in this image and below.







This top panel is depicting Spring.






The lower panel is depicting the building trade.












An alternative view, showing the Lothian House marble panel, immediately above the entrance on the corner elevation (partly obscured by the traffic lights in this image).  This panel is also now on display inside the Fountainbridge entrance of Lothian House.









This older image also shows the now demolished building, including the old office block to the left which has also now been redeveloped - as can be seen in the first image above. 



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