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Educational practice

These are the developing living research stories of teachers who are improving inclusive gifted and talented educational theory, practice and provision for and with their pupils.

Inclusive gifted and talented education is about everyone developing talents for creating and offering gifts; adults as well as children and young people. Here teachers are offering their evolving stories freely as a gift. It is unusual for anyone to make public work until it is a polished product but I think it is the story of the journey in progress that I learn the most from. If you are prepared to be as generous and offer as a gift your stories of your improving practice research please do send them to me and I will add them to the site.

I prepared a brief presentation for a conference recently about practice and provision which contributes to improving inclusive gifted and talented educational practice and provision. I would be delighted if you sent me a url to an account of your work to reference. A pdf of the PowerPoint slides and videos on YouTube which perhaps helps to make it clearer can be accessed from the work-in-progress section of my site.

These are two accounts currently referenced:

Many teachers and Head teachers have been working over time to develop their educational practice and their accounts can be found on the Masters Writing section on actionresearch.net

Marie Huxtable is researching to improve her practice and has put the working draft of her thesis on her site. The provisional title is: My living theory praxis as a senior educational psychologist enquiring into, ‘How do I enhance the educational experiences of children and young people learning to live loving, satisfying, productive and worthwhile lives?’ But could well change - again!


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