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What other ways of recording numbers are there?Learning Interests

Many people have interests and learning passions they have enjoyed, sometimes for years, but not realised how much they influence what it is they are doing, want to do or could do. It can be surprising how much knowledge is developed without realising it until it is shared and those conversations can lead to previously unimagined places. This is the place to be generous and share interests and evolving learning journeys. livinglearning4u@googlemail.com (a picture and a little bit of text) to to share your interest. This mailbox has been set up specially because of the potential size of the files but you can send it to apex@bathnes.gov.uk if you prefer.

If you have ideas, reflections or questions that might help the person develop their interest, perhaps in ways they might not have thought of, send us your thoughts and we will post them here. You might like to respond to one of the responses; send us your thinking and we will add to the trail. it will be fascinating to see where our collaborative, creative thinking might go as one thought sparks another. It might lead to someone finding a new passion for learning, developing their interest as an enquiry, or researching it in depth, or venturing along a new career path or.. who knows. Hope you might like help us find out.

Scroll down and see if there is an interest that interests you and send us your thoughts that might develop ours.

(Names and email addresses will not be published. You are responsible for ensuring that anything you send does not breach any copyright.)







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Star Wars Someone read about your plan to write a Star Wars play and wrote 'Did you know that the Jedi knights were based on the samurai wariors of Japan, and that a lot of the light sabre fights were based on real fighting moves in the martial art of kendo?' 






Sculpture Here are a couple of ideas for the person who would like to do a sculpture in their garden - try using junk to start with. An old bicycle wheel - or several of them - can be placed together and tied with wire. Due to the way the spokes are arranged, it is really easy to weave just about anything pliable into this so you cna create colour and texture by using the spokes as a 'warp' and the items woven through them as 'weft'. Things you cna weave into them are coloured carrier bags torn into strip, sacking, leather strips, ribbon, any kind of fabric, wool, felt and fleece, lightweight metal or wire,twigs and moss, really any suitably pliable wood, metal or plastic. You can also hang things off the wheel using wire such as cutlery, car parts, plants, glass and ceramics. If you use plants it can become a 'living' sculpture. You can also use driftwood or logs - a lady sculptor whose name escapes me uses driftwood to create the most amazing life size horse sculptures. She also does deer. She builds them up slowly and picks out little pieces to create ears, eyes etc and uses bigger pieces for legs and body. I am sure there will be something on the net about this! Have fun - start small and work up......


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Maths'Someone read about your interest and asked, 'What other ways of recording numbers are there?'

Magic  Someone read your page an magic and wrote 'Did you know that its possible to magic with maths?' This is a website, Curious Maths, which has some math magic tricks.

Looking after children

Lego Bionicles






Art Guitar

Planets planets Someone read your page on planets and wrote 'When I was young the solar system had nine planets, but now it only has eight. Do you know why?'One of the planets was discovered by an astonomer in his garden in Bath. What do you know about this?' - Check out what is happening tonight, 5th Feb 2010, when it is the biggest full moon of the year - National Geographic has details.

Starsstars Someone read your page on stars and wrote 'Did you know that the Sun is a star, and that all the other stars are suns, and that some of those other suns have planets, and perhaps some of those planets have life on them?






Racing Cars


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