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Thinking about chessboards.....

Some interesting thoughts that you may have seen before or not. If you put a grain of rice on the first square, 2 grains on the 2nd square, 4 on the 3rd, 8 on the fourth (doubling each time) how much rice would you need for the 64th square. Explore this sequence some more.


How many squares are there on a chess board (not 64 or 65). What about rectangles (I've never actually worked this out!)


Do you share your birthday with anyone famous?



At the last session Gary offered us a couple of problems based on a chessboard:

  1. How many queens do you need on the board so that every square has a queen on it or is under attack?
  2. If the size of the board was changed how many queens could fit on it without killing one another and is there a pattern to the size of the board and the number of queens.

Sue gave us a good site for more problems - UK Junior Maths challenge

Have you got a good question?

Have you come across any problems with surprising results? Write to us!

Hi Everyone, has anyone had any more thoughts about the 'queens problem'? Gary 11 May 2010

This is Emily and Jamie from St.Saviour's Junior school. We have been investigating the 'Monty Hall Problem'. We tested it on about 60 other pupils in our school and suprisingly pretty much all of the people that changed their mind won! The solution is simple, by changing your choice you double your chances of winning from 1/3 to 2/3. Bye folks, we'll write again after easter (have a happy one by the way).

Do you get the same result? Do you have a different explanation?


It's Emily and Jamie back again - with Jacob, Joe and Connor! Had a great easter, how was yours?

Was good and now even better to find new people joining you here!

Here is a few words from...

Connor: I found the answer for the Gauss puzzle but I have lost the solution so I am working on that also  I am working on how many seconds there are in a...

Found the answer and lost it! That must be really annoying. Can you tell me a bit more about the Gauss puzzle and some of the ways you have found that dont solve it? Marie 28/04/10


Hi Jacob - good to see your smile. I believe there is a mathematical equation described as a 'smile'. Does anyone know anything about it? Marie 28/04/10

hi! me and Emily have been working on the half time football score problem. Its about all the possible scores at half time. After many hours of pure thinking Emily found out that the solution was this... in algebra, (Z x X) + (Z + X) = Y  unless 0,0 then it is 1.

WOW! Can you tell me a bit more about the half time football score problem. Do you have any notes or pictures that would help me learn from your pure thinking? If you have photos or documents you could put them here. If you dont know how just say and I can tell you how or you could send them to me and I will put them up for you. Marie 28/04/10

Joe : hello

Hello Joe - good to see you here. I am looking forward to hearing about what interests you at the moment. Marie 28/04/10

Emily: Hi! A great maths website is cool math games, why not try it?

Thanks Emily - I am enjoying it. I googled cool maths games and found coolmaths4kids Any other sites you have found you like? Marie 28/04/10

Bye from us all, we'll write soon!


GREAT! - looking forward to hearing more from you soon Marie 28/04/10



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