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11 September 2016
falling into autumn

It has been a wonderful summer in alot of respects and i am grateful to reach mid september with all 5 girls still here and doing so well. 

Both Storm and Leffey have had an MOT , sadly Storm has mamiary cancer, she was diagnosed back in feburary, but good news it is not spreading at any speed,

Leffey still has her reacuring ear problems, but this is managed very well with my vets secret formular, she has also lost half a tooth longways, but as in no pain feel best left alone, but dispite this they are both in pretty good health and manage a 1/2 mile walk each day which is wonderful.

Ripley is aproaching her 6th birthday , a little slower but she is still as steadfast as ever.

Winnie continues to enjoy Minas company, they spend long loud hours playing, and are pretty close. She has done a few shows over the summer recieving nice placings and as always she  never ever lets me down , either in or out of the ring, 

Mina has settled into our life style, she is very much part of the family, quite a big girl and i think she will most likely when fully matured be around Leffeys height , she is doing very well in the showring at the moment, holding her own and having some super critiques.

A small group of us ventured over to Brussels for the european dog show last month, sadly Winnies sister decided to come into season so her mum came with out her. It was a very hot weekend, we had problems with our hotels air con, or lack of it so all arrived at the show, tired and hot having gained so little sleep. !! Was lovely to meet up with Isabella ( Minas breeder) and  four of Minas sibblings. The dogs all showed well with Mina and her 2 sisters all being graded VP and awarded p2, 3 and 4 , one proud breeder.o

Winnie and her brother both did extremely well. Moo first in a huge Open class was awarded a VG and Winnie in her open class EX4. 

Now autumn is arriving and the weather is cooling the girls are happier and enjoying more excersie at decent times of the day. Ony down side is the darker mornings and evenings.


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