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August 6th 2023 and Kassia's one and only litter has arrived !!!

All the males have been secured A1 homes, but we do have two bitch puppies available . Please only contact if you are geninuely interested and can offer a A1 home where they are part of the family 

 Puppies will not be placed where they live outside of the home. Please mail me @ simdenleos@yahoo.co.uk in the first instance or ring 07826 614688 for an imformal chat 








Simden Litter Two the french litter,

January 20th and the PUPPIES ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!

                                             4 X BOYS and 3 x girls ,

                                        5 of the gang at 2 1/2 weeks

 Parentage is

Sire~ Fr Ch Genkini Carini du Temple d'Artemis

Dam ~ Simden Whisper on the Wind              


                   It is time for another Leo to join our family, so after alot of thought i have decided to mate Ripley, so

Late in November we made the long and arduous 10 hour journey across France for Ripley's date with Genkini, and i have to say it was love at first sight ! . What more could a leo lady want, a handsome date and Snow !

I have to add, i was more than impressed with him, both in his conformation, looks and above all he has the same rock steady fun loving temperement as Ripley.  A huge public thank you to Lydie and Pauline for all their help in the plans to make my long awaited dream start to take shape, now we wait for the arrival of the"happy/crazy" pair's furkids

                                   LOVE IS ~......................

                              ~ Rip's and Kini  ~..............................
















Back in June i recieved a visit from the KC to inspect my home, dogs , records etc. I am very pleased to say i passed and have been given the new KC accredited breeders UKAS status x



E-MAIL simdenleos@yahoo.co.uk

         or phone



a typical Simden puppy



Simden litter one the halloween/weather babies

 In October 2010 Storm had a much longed for litter of puppies, 6 in all 1 bitch ( whom we kept) and 5 dogs, All of which have settle into their new homes and are now much loved members of their prospective families  I am very very proud of them all



Below 5 of Storms 6 puppies at the leo fun valentines day at 4 months, from Left to right, Luca, Ripley, Darwin, Fletcher, Plato


   pups parentage is

sire ~Tarkaleos sneaking cove at Twilights  

dam ~ Ghylladare Florentine doll at Simden            





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