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Leo Angel's

The only downside to owning a Leonberger is that they give so much they fill our heart's and then leave us far far to soon. My ladies remain always near and always on the mind 

Simden Guardian Angel  20/1/2014 ~~ 26/12/2021

Winnie was my shadow, everywhere i went she came. She fought Osteosarcoma for so long and so well, the diagnosis was questioned often , but the down side to having such a wonderfully gifted and knowledgable vet is he is never wrong. My dear sweet Winnie, Queen of cuddles . miss you far more than i thought possible. Till we meet again

The best of the best, forever , go sperad your love


Ghylladare Florentine Doll at Simden

My beautiful Storm ~~ my Queen, keeper of my heart

April 15th 2006 ~ November 27th 2018


Storm arrived at our house on the hottest day in august 2006. Immediately she became a massive personallity and almost from the off a much valued addition to our household. Together we tried new things, the showring for starters, which although as she matured she achieved excellent results, was not for her. We had a go at carting, again not for her, and then we had a go at breeding. She had one litter of 6, all extremely sweet puppies , from which we kept her daughter Ripley. Storm was a very special dog, she was unique and will always own the large chunk of my heart. She was a true Leo and the reason i fell so head over heels in love with the breed. Gone but very much not forgotten. 

I wake up in the morning
And I look up to the sky
I wonder why he took you
before I said good-bye  v

I look up to the stars at night
And know you're looking down
I'd like to think you're proud of me
But I'm just stumbling round

I crawl in bed and close my eyes
And realize that you're gone
Then comes the fears and then the tears
And life just seems so wrong

I glance up at the heavens
And I know you're flying by
My Angels watching over me
I'm happy as I cry 

Queen of my Leo's, you will alway's be by my side 


Simden Whisper on the Wind

Our Ripley "Rips" ~~ always on my mind 

October 31st 2010 ~ January 12th 2018



The first leonberger to be born at home, the only female from Storms one and only litter of 6, so she had a very special place in our heart's and very much was part of our family. Taken from us far to young, another victum to Osteosarcoma. Ripley loved life and lived every walk to the full, although she did as little walking as possible, just like her kennel name she loved to run and she certainly ran like the wind on every possible occasion. I can truly say hand on heart she never saw bad in anyone or anything she met. Daughter to our Storm and mother to 7 .Gone to join her best pal Leffey , i am sure the greatest game of tag is  played on a daily basis . Always in our hearts ~ run run as fast as you can Rips,  i see you everyday, until we meet again 

Run run as fast as you can sweet ripley


Ghylladare Naivasha Deevon of Simden Sh cm

 Our LEFFEY ~~ the one and only

  June 16th 2007 ~ May 18th 2017

In her prime 

On may 18th 2017 the one and only LEFFEY began her journey over the bridge .  She has been lame for only 3 weeks, we hoped it was a cruciate but xrays revealed she had agressive Oseosarcoma ( bone cancer) . Decison was made to allow her to rest in peace, away from pain and with her dignity entact. She was 4 weeks and 1 day from her 10th birthday.Together we enjoyed a resonable amount of sucsess in the showring, but above all she was a very much loved member of our family. She took her roll as Auntie to both litters of puppies very seriously, and she taught them, along with Mina a shed load of manners. She leaves a huge gap, especially with Mark as she was with out a doubt his girl . God speed beautiful, till we meet again 

 sweet dreams Angel , now you can fly 




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