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Champion Averkate Kassandra with Simden , piloted to this acolate by her fabulous handler Micheal Craig 

Is now 3 years old and has turned into the most beautiful and stable of dogs. She is quite amazing. Shown exculsively by highflyers . So this year she has been in the ring with her wonderful handler Michael Craig and together they are, at present top leonberger. 

To date Kassia and Michael have gained the follwing

SKC                                                 RBCC                ~    Rodney Oldham

BATH                                               BCC & BOB        ~    Liz Cartlage

Southern Counties  ( NO CC's)           BB & BOB          ~    Tate Forsey  also

                                                      Working Group 1 ~    Espen Engh 

BLACKPOOL                                     BCC                  ~     Jeff Luscott  

WINDSOR                                        BCC & BOB       ~     Tracy Morgan, 

Windsor saw her gain her championship title, thrilled.

LEEDS                                             BCC                  ~     John Evans

PAIGNTON                                       2-5                    ~    Bridgette Bodle

BOIURNEMOUTH                              BB/ BOB             ~     Dr Ron James

WKC                                                RBCC                ~     Sue Pollock - Yule




Now 23 months old and maturing into a lovely girl , thrilled that she will be hitting the showring very soon with her super handler the wonderful Michael Craig !!


14 Months and maturing excately as i pictured she would. I very much look forward to her future 


Kassia is very much part of our family now, she was certainly ment to live with us, she is going to be a very big girl so needs time to grow into her frame, but i think the end result will be excately what i feel a leo should be. Leos are a giant breed and i fear as a breed this is something we are loosing

Health results for Kassia


LPN 2 N/N 



eyes cataract  clear May 2021

eye goinoscopy  grade 0 - 0 feb 2020

HIPS   2- 2

ELBOWS  0 -0 


@ 8 months 

Kassia 7 months

Introducing our new girl, Averkate Kassandra ~ Kassia, our Russian princess 

Kass settled in so quickly and is now very much part of our family. She is such a sweetheart, a real credit to her breeder, Ekatrina 




Kassa was bred by Ekatrina and i am so grateful to her for allowing Kassandra to travel to uk to become part of our family 

Kassia's good looking parents

 Amicus Optimus Cassius            Laik Vizhe Trel Lucky La Reyna


                    cosmas             ~~~          Lucky



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