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15 November 2017

Time for a much needed update .!

Life as been rather hectic here , we have finally got round to finishing off odd jobs at home, well finished some of them ! 

September and we had a simden family holiday to Leonberg in Germany, in all 5 leos, and 6 people made the long trip.and i have to say it was laughs all the way. A twist of fate ment Winnie stayed at home so Ripley took her place, and i think she enjoyed her time with her two sons Flea and Moose, Fleas daughter Rhian and our Polish princess Mina. Was wonderful to meet up with Isabella minas breeder and a few of Minas family who had also made the trip. 

Show wise we have done a couple, Winnie has gained several 1sts in open class and picked up another RCC, Mina after her season has come back and from 3 shows gained 2 firsts, both from breed specalisits and even concidered for the RCC .



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