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17 December 2014
almost there

It has been such a busy time over the past few months i have not had the time to update the news page. 

We have had a rather trying time this year, and without good freinds i dont know quite how i would of made it through, but we have and 2015 is now knocking on the door, and with it brings renewed positivity.

Show wise i have done really few with Winnie, but she has done so well in them all, she is such a joy to take out i am very proud of her, she has also taken in her first show in europe again doing very well.

Health wise i am sad to say the new LPN2 test has hit hard, Winnie and 2 of her siblings have been diagnosed as D/N ( so i fear removed from the gene pool), but positivily her handsome brother Flea and her sister Dinah are both LPN2 n/n , so i am hoping this lovely line can carry on through these two. Both have been tested as glucoma free,have clear eye certs, and LPN1 & 2 n/n, so just hips and elbows to go.

Leffey has also had her share of health worries, she has had a pyometra, which led to her having to be spayed, at her age i was very concerned, but she has come through it all and is on the road to recovery.


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