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51st Entry Members

51st Entry Boy Entrants RAF Cosford. 

23rd January 1964 to 12th July 1965.

A' Flight/'F' Flight - Portal Block.             Updated: 17/02/2017.

Cruickshank Room:

Jim Clark

Mike Bevis
John Pope
Ron Wilson
Dave Couchman
Keith Facey
Tony Allison
Roy 'Chaffinch' Chaffin
Ian Hill     NG31

Andy Livesley
Ted Dexter
Malcolm Gould
R.C. Naylor
Peter 'Andy' Anderson      CH5
Richard Kevin Sullivan (decd 23 July 1966).
Dave 'Sandy' Archibald     TA2

Learoyd Room:

Bob Aspinall (decd 9 April 1972).

John Cain

John Morris

Charles M. Stuart (decd 31st October 2016).

Dennis Sexton
J Davis
Jeffrey 'Taff/Indiana' Jones     IN/US

Brian Northover

Ray Crane

P. Gardiner

Pete/Barry 'Baz' Black
Clive Woods
Roger Plummer
Terry Barnes

Cheshire Room:

Rod Mills (Photog)
Jim Armstrong (Photog)
Bob Spinner (Photog)     (AB38)
L/Boy Adrian Berkeley-White (Photog) (decd 08 June 2015).

Allen Miles (Photog)
Pete Nelson (Photog)
Tom 'Jock' Hollerin (Photog)  (decd 20 September 2013).
Eric Roy Fincham (Photog)  (decd 4 September 1974).
Steven Warren (Photog)
Donald Simmons (Photog)
Brian R Stewart (Photog)
Haydn Phillips (Photog)      CF23

Tony Powell (Photog)

Bob Clarke (Photog)

Steve Begnett (Photog)

Graham 'Dinger' Bell (Photog)

Keith Ashcroft (Photog)     PE6

Thompson Room:

Keith Patchett
Colin Downie
J Edwards
Michael 'Paddy' Burns
Mick Glasscoe  (decd 16th February 2016)
Dave Hillary
Vic Johnson  (decd advised by Cranwell, no info)
Norman Hodgkin
J 'Geordie' W Taylor      NY/US
John Hutchin
Ken Tucker          TA7
John Pipe
Barry Wood
Eric Alexander (Haggis) Armour
Guy Wainwright     BB2
Mick Steele      NG34

John Brown (decd 29 May 1971).

Martin 'Mitch' Hankin    SN15

B' Flight/'G' Flight - Boyle Block.

Palmer Room: (L/L)

Flt Sgt Boy Gerry Reid
Cpl Boy Ernie Deakin  (decd June 2014)
Dave Lyons
Cpl Boy Phil Jones      NG21
Dave 'Smyler' Lee      LN5

M Taff' Jones
John 'Bedpan John' Sharp
Pete Newton     
Tim Rickards      SN14
Richard 'Dick' Covill      RG22

Harry Eaton
Robert 'Wally' Wighton (decd, advised by Cranwell, no other info)
Al 'Lew' Lewin
Paul 'Dixie' Dixon

Graham 'Noddy' Rice (decd 21 March 2008).
Eric 'Abe' Abraham
Pete Comber
Alan 'Bone' Edwards
Derek 'Del/Woolly Min' Granger
John 'Whitby Shit' Philip

Gibson Room: (L/R)

John Maddocks  (decd 11 February 2017).
David Richards  (decd 9 January 1978).

Ranald John 'Dak' Darroch  (decd 15 February 2017).     

Nigel Pellatt      LN4
Tim Woods     CT1
Malcolm Maddison
Mel Smith      DE56
Cpl Boy Harry Dale

Harry Potts (ex-50th)
Graham Cox
Dave 'Tich' Lovell
Alan 'Bish' Bishop
Phil Bush     BN16
Brian Morley      B97
Pete Warren      LN5
Andrew 'Scotty' Harvey
Pete Wiseman
Andrew 'Andy' Anderson
Chris Smedley

Alf Gillard (decd 27 June 2016)

Motteshead Room: (U/L)

Walter 'Wally' Brookes      CH7
Sgt Boy Desmond 'Dez' Rowlands
Richard 'Dick' Crosson
Lawrence Salvoni      Isle of Wight
Jim Smith
Ray Forbes  (Deceased, advised by Cranwell, no other info)
Mick Hill
John 'Tad' Abbott
Rob 'Cuddles' Cudlipp

Leith 'Mac' Robertson     AB51

John Brady      DN6

Ken Marriott      DN10
George 'Dodd' Allan  (decd 12 March 2006).
Alan 'Olly' Oliver   PL7
Tony Wheldon      Aus48
Ross Faulkner      NG34
Dennis Robbins    TN17

Alan Hickman       Canada
Ray Sharpe          PE28
Melvin McCann

Middleton Room: (U/R)
Alan Steed      Spain
Fred 'Toss' Smith
Brian Hawksfield
Fred Walker      YO51
Trevor Field      S44
Richard 'Squibby' Squibb
Derek House      NG31
Ron 'Butch' Carroll
Ldg Boy/Pipe Maj 'Bob' Moorehead
Alan Neale      TS10. (Died December 2021)
Frank Lynch
Snr Boy Steve Sherriff     BH21
Ron O'Keefe      DH8
Barry Finch      DN9
Dave Ayles    (Decd 25th April 2001)
Ron Ford      YO24
John 'Cass' Greig ? (RAFBEA Guestbook, e-mail sent)
Brian Murray
Tony O'Brien

Jim McSkimming   (Decd 25th August 2013)

Names in Black - Members still not found, known to Cranwell but they have no contact details.

Names in Green - Members located/in contact with plus Post Code if known.

Annotation in Red - Member has died with date if known.

Annotation in Blue - Member found on Social/Military site and message sent.

Annotation in Maroon/Wine - Not found and not known to Cranwell.

OC Boy Entrants: Sqn Ldr Jacewicz, (decd 17 Nov 2003).
WO Boy Entrants: WO French

F' Flight Commanders: Flt Lt Cousins, Flt Lt Haggett, (decd 19 April 1968, buried in Newark-on-Trent Military Cemetry).
SNCOs: Sgt Overall, Sgt Norris?

G' Flight Commanders: FO Nicholls, Flt Lt Frame, Flt Lt Phil Crawshaw.
SNCOs: Sgt Ingram, Sgt Latham.
JNCOs: Nankerville, Rose, Harris, Wardrop, Green.


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