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Those who attended the Reunion

Reunion Attendees

Lawrence & Linda Salvoni
Richard & Rose Crossan
Raymond Sharpe
Mel Smith & Jacqueline Gallimore
Jeffrey David Jones and Mary Louise Guy Jones
Tony & Janice Wheldon
Barry & Kathy Finch
Del & Angela House
Brian ‘Hawkeye’ & Lesley Jean Hawksfield
Ron Ford
Dave ‘Smyler’ Lee
Brian & Teresa Murray
Ken & Lynne Marriott
Dez and Anne Rowland
Brian ‘Brin’ Morley
Tim and Pat Rickards
Bob and Sue Moorhead
Gerry and Margaret Reid
Walter Brookes
Ken & Catherine Tucker
John and Christine Brady
Michael Steele
John Abbott
Alan and Heather Neale
Richard Covill
Phil & Monica Jones
Roger & Sue Plummer
Martin ‘Mitch’ Hankin
Jim Smith
Rob and Linda Cudlipp
Dave Lyons
Phil Bush
Alan ‘Olly’ & Sue Oliver
Toss Smith
Paul ‘Dixie’ & Sue Dixon
Trevor Field
Sandy Archibald
Peter ‘Andy’ & Lyn Anderson
Dennis & Lorna Sexton
Terry & Sue Barnes
Carol & Jo McSkimming
Keith Ashcroft
Jim Armstrong
John Caine


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