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A13 Nancy Hopkins

Brisbane Trefoil Guild,
Guiding in Australia August 1989

My first meeting with Lady B.-P.

More than half a century ago, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell and their daughters were on a long voyage, and their ship was at anchor out in Cleveland Bay. It did not enter Townsville's harbour, but a small party of scouters and guiders went out to them on a Hayles launch.
It was during the Depression. Guiding in Townsville was in the doldrums. We were without commissioners at the time, and our small band was headed by a mere district captain.
We were received with typical graciousness and warmth. For a time Lady B.-P. talked to us at one end of the deck, the scouts and their Chief elsewhere. I can still see him coming along our way and asking, 'Who are these creatures'? We had afternoon tea with them. I am sure we were all treading on air. Looking back, I reflect on how fortunate we were to have them all to ourselves. What a joyful memory


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