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26. Starling, Peggie


1957 - County A.G.M. at Stafford. During tea I was standing by the tearoom door; a liveried chauffeur beckoned "Will you please remind Madam it is 4 p.m. and I have the Rolls waiting at the front entrance."  Being a young Commissioner I felt certain it was for the Chief Guide so I edged my way to her side and whispered that her car was waiting. Looking perplexed she said "My car?" I said "yes, the chauffeur has the Rolls waiting by the front entrance." The Chief Guide was very amused and laughingly said "Oh, my dear, then it certainly isn't for me, I don't possess a. Rolls or a chauffeur - a Guider is taking me to catch the train:" I was disappointed to find the Rolls was for Lady Cadbury, I thought it really ought to have been for the Chief Guide.


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