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24. Rudkin, Miss Barbara

4B Morley Rd., Boscombe E., Bournemouth
Died 1991

I met the Chief Guide three times:
First when Dudsbury Camp Ground was opened, I was going along the drive with my Patrol Leader, and a big car came along, and I said, “Is that the Chief Guide?” and a voice from behind us, “Oh, yes, here I am!” and there she was, walking, which surprised us.

During the War, I was in the Underground in London, and the Chief Guide came down with three Guiders.  I had mislaid my purse, and she waited to help me look for it until I found it, although the Guiders tried to hurry her up.

At the end of the War, when we were at a Victory Rally in Surrey, a Brownie fell off a log and had to be taken to hospital. We were carrying her down the path and the Chief saw what was happening, and waited until we came back, so that we could meet her.


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