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19. Mathews, Miss R.A.

26 Cavendish Rd., London, SWI2 0DG   Typed & sent 7.88.

The Chief Guide noticed everything and never forgot a face. I saw her first at a rally in 1957, when I was cold, tired, and alone. Suddenly the Chief appeared at a distance with the County Commissioner. I stood quietly to attention while she passed, but she made a sudden dive towards me with her left hand outstretched. I switched over my handbag and to my horror it opened its contents onto the ground. The bystanders (and the Chief) helped to pick up everything and refill my bag, but my feelings of shame can be imagined! Nevertheless, the County Commissioner gave an understanding smile so all was well.  The Chief said "You're in the Trefoil Guild?" - "Yes, Madam, from Sussex" where I knew she had been County Commissioner

Years later, I was properly introduced to her at a Conference, and she said "I've met you before, haven't I?" . . .


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