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16. LouisAnne, Princess, Grafin von Galen

Flandernstrasse 76, D 400 Munster, West Germany  (1966)
Formerly Chief Guide of Liechtenstein, aunt of the present (1988) Prince of Liechtenstein.
August 1988

Lady Baden-Powell surely deserves being not forgotten in the world of Guiding.  Her whole life was devoted to keeping alive all over the world the ideas of Lord Baden-Powell and so she helped to form thousands of young people.  One thing I will never forget: at her visit in Liechtenstein in July 1966.  The Guides had gathered in a big gymnastic hall, and after the greeting and some performance of the children, Lady B-P addressed them in her warm and simple way and one felt how the children were taking in every word of her.  I was translating sentence by sentence and something of that speech remained in my memory as it is a basic suggestion to anybody who wants to help.

She said, “You all have three H’s: Hands, Head, and Heart, and all these three H’s are viatl if you want to help, as Guides are promising and are supposed to do.  If you only help with your hands it might not be very efficient; you have to use your head to make your help efficient.  But don’t forget to let your heart speak.  Only when the three H’s have joined, in your action, you help will be not only efficient but warming for the person you want to help.”

These few sentences, accompanied with simple gestures with their hands, to their heads, to their hearts, are unforgettable to me.  They express the attitude one should have in life, the three H’s together make an accomplished personality.

With these, and other memories you will receive from others, the CG deserves not to be forgotten!


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