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06. Brown, Mrs. Christine

29a Trewartha Park, Weston-super-Mare.

In 1936 I was a Guide in Kent when our Company attended a County Rally at Knole Park, Sevenoaks.
Excitement filled the air as the Chief Guide approached us, and I jumped on to a log to have a better view of her. I missed my footing and fell backwards into a bed of nettles!
My misfortune had great compensations as she saw what had happened and immediately showed her concern by asking me if I was all right - that "made my day" and nothing else mattered as she had spoken to me personally.

A year or so later, as a Ranger in Somerset, I was in a Guard of Honour to welcome the Chief Guide to Taunton. To my amazement as she approached she caught my eye, stopped, and exclaimed "Surely you are the Guide who fell in the nettles in Kent!" and this led to a friendly never-to-be-forgotten chat.

This personal incident is typical of the impression that Lady Baden-Powell must have left all over the world, as she spread a wonderful example for Guiding through her own concern for individuals, and her approach to life in general.



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