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4. Bickerton, Mrs. Brenda

The Spinny, Hardington Moor, Yeovil, Somerset.

I was a Sea Ranger in Middlesex in the 1950's, and the Chief Guide came to a Rally, we were wearing white shirts then, with Long sleeves, which we were wearing pulled down, and the Chief told us "you should roll your sleeves up, how can you work properly with your sleeves down like that? they will get wet and messy:" Many years later, a party of us went to the Thinking Day Service in Westminster Abbey, and we went across the Bridge afterwards, and were leaning over the bridge watching the boats, and suddenly, THERE was the Chief, walking across towards Waterloo station. She stopped and talked to us, and seemed to know that she had met some of us before, her manner to us was so warm and familiar.



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