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01. Andrews, Mrs. (Skipper)

44 Rimu St. Wanganui, NEW ZEALAND, 1971

In 1948 the Chief Guide came to New Zealand, and there was a rally, with all the Guides in neat rows, very orderly, but it was a hot day, and the Chief Guide saw that they were feeling the effect of the sun, so she said "I have a reputation, that when you have everything nicely arranged, the Chief Guide comes along and upsets everything, and I'm going to do that now: let's all go and sit in the shade over there." You can imagine the chaos, till everyone laughingly rushed to the shade and settled down comfortably to listen to her talk.

In 1969 I was in London visiting, and went with a partially-deaf friend to the British A.G.M.. The Chief Guide insisted "Sit next to someone you DON' T know" and though I protested I was helping my deaf friend, she  didn't hear my protests and insisted I should get to know someone new!


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