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Welcome to Okeford Fitzpaine !

We are a small village in the heart of the Blackmore Vale in North Dorset.  To see where we are, click on the Map icon on the right -->

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This "Notice board" for our village is updated quite frequently, so do come back often to see what's new.  Advertise your events here for FREE.  This WebSite is totally independent of any other organisation.

Below are events happening in the village today or very soon; for further ahead, see the Village Diary.

Last updated 19:00 on Friday, 27th May, 2016




in the Church


 Dorset Art Weeks start 28th May

and run to 12th June 2016

See below.


You have been warned !

Mobile speed camera locations in Dorset from Monday 23 May

Dorset Police will be looking to catch out bad and inconsiderate drivers as part of their 'No Excuse' campaign this week

Click >here< for more.

Get ready for our STREET PARTY, 12th June, 2 pm to 6 pm.

For more, click >here<

You will be getting your invitation soon - please complete the slip and return it, so that we know how many chairs and tables to put out !

Please read >this< about our Open Gardens event on 2nd July

Get Ready !
Dorset Art Weeks 2016,
28th May to 12th June 2016
For more information, click >here<

Defibrillator    Click >here< for more

For "What's On" in Stur, click >here<
The Clerk to the Parish Council has asked for this to be posted:-

Trading standards warn of 

Blue-Badge copycat websites

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The Official Parish Council website

Click >here<

provides only statutory information

from the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan

NO social or church, etc. activities shown.

At the last meeting of the Village Community Group

a "Village CleanUp" was suggested -

Click >here< for more, then "stay tuned to this Station"

The MudPie Cafe

is open most Saturdays 

in the Village Hall

10:30 - 12:30

For specific dates, look in the Village Diary

For up-coming events in SHILLINGSTONE

Click on the  
tab at the bottom on the left.

Dorset mobile speed camera locations 

Read more >here<

Neighbourhood Plan
click >here<
For development plans, maps, etc.,  click >here<

From: Mike Wood
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 9:51 PM
Subject: BKV
Hi all,
Gail and I have just returned from the Best Kept Village awards. I am pleased to say that we were presented with not just one but two awards:
We were winners of the NEIGHBOURLINESS AWARD which was presented to the village showing an exemplary community spirit….How about that then! In addition to the certificate we were presented with a cheque for £200.
We were also more surprisingly awarded runner-up in the Best Large Village. The first place went to Burton Bradstock. Again we received a cheque for £100.
Both Gail and I were overwhelmed at the presentation of the awards and I want to say a BIG, BIG  thank you to you all for supporting the Village Community Group and making it so successful. The funds will greatly boost our defibrillator appeal.
Next year celebrates the 30th anniversary for these awards so we must go all out for more recognition.

Once again……A big thank you to everyone for putting Okeford Fitzpaine on the map. Reports / photos should be in the DORSET ECHO in the next day or so.
Don’t forget the Quiz night on 26th September and our next meeting on October 1st.
... and OUR Thanks to Mike & Gail for all the work they have put into it, too !

Training Workshops for Carers
Are you a Carer?
Do you care for a family member or friend?
Help and Care, in partnership with Dorset HealthCare, will be running
free, informal training workshops during 2015/16.
To book your place and to receive further information please ring:
Help and Care: 0300 111 3303

Mrs Kate Harvey

Anyone who knew Mrs Kate Harvey is invited to view a message just in that is posted in the GUESTBOOK [Click Here]

For the next few days...

Nothing special of which we are aware.  

If you know better, let us know, so that we can post it here.    For FREE !    

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You might like to read this article which dispells one rumour about Asda, and is probably the definitive latest situation regarding supermarket plans for Blandford
Read carefully and to the last line.
Click on the link below:-

Neighbourhood Plan

Production of the Okeford Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Plan has been re-started

At the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 4th August 2105 the green light was given to a new Project Plan to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Okeford Fitzpaine Parish.

Full details can be found on a new Okeford Fitzpaine  Neighbourhood Plan website: https://okefordfitzpaineplan.wordpress.com/

Why is a Neighbourhood Plan important. The headline reasons are twofold. Firstly, to influence future development of the Parish in terms of how many houses are built and where they are built. Secondly, developers have to make a contribution to the local infrastructure through the Common Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Up to 25% of the CIL can be made available for communities to decide how to improve their own infrastructure, but only if they have an agreed Neighbourhood Plan.

When will the Plan be ready. By Q3 2016 according to the new project timescale, and the Plan will then run from 2016-31.

What  can you do to help produce the Plan. Volunteer for one of the roles that need to be undertaken to produce the Plan.

How do you get involved. Look at the new website or  look at the adverts on the noticeboards.

If you go to the LINKS page, you will find a Link to that WebSite, and one to the existing Parish Plan



The Village Community Group have agreed to fund raise on behalf of a life-saving Defibrillator to be installed in the village. This will serve all ages in the  event of a heart attack and will assist the Medical services more speedily to aid recovery from such an event.

The installation of this facility will be notified to all households in the village with simple instructions on what to do in the event of such an occurrence.

This is considered to be a vital life-support system in an area where we are distant from the emergency services, who will fully support the operation and upkeep of the defibrillator.

In order for us to provide this equipment we need to raise £2,500.

Our first event was a Barn Dance held in the Village Hall on June 13th, which raised over £300.  Then there was a Quiz night in October.  More events to come!

Should you wish to donate or raise funds for this cause please contact any Village Community Member or Mike Wood (860146) mike@nutmegcottage.net




This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2008

Will Shill for Food
Panhandlers in Miami no longer have to find scraps of cardboard and pens to make their signs pleading for handouts. A local sign shop has donated plastic signs with begging messages — plus an advertisement for the sign shop. “We ... put them to work in a way,” claims the shop owner. “While they’re out there doing their thing, they’re also advertising my business.” He says he will pay the panhandlers a percentage of any business he gets from people who see the signs. (Reuters) ...Your task: guess which one is the bum.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 3

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Word was out that BT Openreach had enabled the fibre optic connection to Okeford Fitzpaine on 18th Feb, and BT’s website connection checker revealed that, yes indeed, superfast broadband is now possible at an estimated speed for a specific connection.  The actual wording was “Yes! You can get superfast BT Infinity Fibre broadband.”  For my phone number and address “You could get 45-64Mb Estimated download speed range”.

So does this mean that we are now automatically speeded up? NO!  Does this mean that as BT Openreach installed the cable that we must use BT? Also NO!  Can I check today, the actual speed I could get on the speed checker?  Again NO!
To make use of this facility a new, Fibre contract has to be arranged, just like when getting the old standard broadband.  There is a wide choice and range of prices from many companies. Some deals are for broadband only, some add weekend and evening phone calls, some offer anytime phone calls, others add TV, mobiles etc. Prices start at lower speed ceilings, up to 16/17 Mb, increasing to up to 38,76,100,150Mb, with bells and whistles.

Your actual available speed depends on your distance from the nearest, green junction box, where the fibre optic cable ends and copper wire to your house begins. For me that is opposite the village shop.  Speed decreases with distance along copper wire from that box.

Useful links are:
 www.productsandservices.bt.com/products/speed-checker, to check availability and get a speed estimate.  The speed checker further down the page will only check the current ADSL connection.

http://www.money.co.uk/broadband/fibre-optic-broadband-deals.htm, to see a very wide choice of providers (ISPs).  Note the More button at the foot of the list for further pages.  Click to the ISP website for up to date information and contact details.

Finally, if you have a good deal for your home phone, you do not have to stay with the same company for fibre broadband.  It might be cheaper to mix, however it might be cheaper to match, phone and broadband from the same provider, which may or may not be your current one.

How to get it  Choose an ISP and elect to get a fibre enabled connection.  The ISP will probably arrange for a BT engineer to visit (though some don’t) and install a replacement front cover for your main phone socket, plus supply a fibre modem and fibre compatible router, though combined modem/routers are starting to be provided.  The router will be a basic model but sufficient for most users.  The engineer should check your available speed, after which you can choose a contract, according to your requirement and pocket.

Bottom Line  If your current Broadband satisfies your needs, there is no need to change anything.  There is bags of information on line to tell you what a fibre connection can offer.

Peter Bowles

A request :-

From: Charlotte Dooley [mailto:charlotte.dooley AT acnorthdorset.org.uk]
Sent: 15 October 2014 09:23

Age Concern North Dorset requires volunteer Trustees to help develop our services which are stretched with demand.  Individuals with business development and previous governance experience would be welcomed. Please call our office on 01258 475 582.

Kind regards

Charlotte Dooley

Age Concern North Dorset

Sturminster House

Bath Road

Sturminster Newton


DT10 1AS

Tel:  01258 475 582

Office open 9.00 to 1.00 Monday to Friday

Website:  www.acnorthdorset.org.uk



A vacancy exists for the role of Secretary to St Andrew's Parochial Church Council. The PCC deals with everything to do with the Church.

This role has been carried out by Zoe Goddard for the past 10 years; but Zoe has also been a Churchwarden for the past year, and wishes to relinquish the Secretaryship.

The position is an Honorary one, and for anyone interested in applying, a full job description is available. Generally, the job entails dealing with correspondence (not a great deal), preparing Agendas for and taking Minutes at meetings of the PCC every two months, etc.. Applicants need not be churchgoers and Zoe would be readily available to assist the successful applicant if required.

Anyone interested in applying for this post should contact either :-

Zoe Goddard       Tel:--01258861046 
                    e-mail:-- info AT goddardlandscapes.co.uk

The Fippenny News comes out at the beginning of each month.

If you don't already receive a copy, we can arrange delivery - just drop us a line through the CONTACT US tab on the left of your screen.  

Or ask Barbara:-  01258 861 524

Or  Jane:-   JKTapp AT talktalk DOT net

30p a copy (collect from the Church),

or £3 a year, delivered to your door.


Are you new to the Village?

Mike Wood and his Committee have prepared a very useful (and free) "Welcome" booklet to help you.  Click on the "CONTACT US" Link on the left of your screen, and ask for it.

St. Andrew's Church

Service at 10:30 most Sundays,

everyone is welcome.

The Church is also open every day for private prayer - or simply somewhere to go to meditate alone, away from the cares of the world.

See The Fippenny News for full details of services.

Jane has produced a splendid little booklet on the history of the Church

Price £1, profit goes to Church funds.

JKTapp AT talktalk DOT net

Parish Council

The Parish Council now has a Tree Officer - Adam Saberton  861 577 

and a Footpaths Officer, Jeremy Gartside    860 157

Recycling for Charity

Drop off at the Olde Bell Stores

for Wessex Cancer Trust.

HP, Lexmark, Dell and many Canon printer ink cartridges;

also branded toner cartridges, and old batteries.


Old clothes (clean and bagged, please)

can be dropped off at the school.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

A talk once a month.

Don't forget to check out the "What's On" Tab on the left of your screen, for future events.

If you have anything you would like added, click on the "CONTACT US" Tab on the left of your screen.   It's FREE !

Be aware !  

If you click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen, it takes you to an advertising site.  Sorry about that - but you have been warned!

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