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Welcome to Okeford Fitzpaine !

This "Notice board" for our village is updated quite frequently, so do come back often to see what's new.  Last updated at 13:50 on Thursday, 18th September, 2014.


Fred Gray's funeral was at 1pm in St Andrew's Church.

His obituary can be found on the "PEOPLE" page,

where the Order of Service

including the address given by Rev. Darren a'Court

will be posted later. 


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On Monday, 4th August, 2014

The centenary of the outbreak of WW I.

We had a little ceremony, 10pm till 11pm, at the Cross in the middle of the village, attended by about thirty people (from a village population of about 800; less than 4%).

Our Roll of Honour was read out:-















They left all that was dear to them, endured hardship, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up
their own lives that others might live in freedom.

Let those who come after, see to it that their names are not forgotten.


...and later, their names were read out again, one by one, and for each, a candle was extinguished. Then poems and reminiscences, ending with the Last Post, two minutes silence and Reveille.

Stories were related.

A poem by Alex de Candole (his 74th) was read by a cousin of his, who lives in this village:-


AND if a bullet in the midst of strife 
Should still the pulse of this unquiet life, 
'Twere well: be death an everlasting rest, 
I oft could yearn for it, by cares opprest; 
And be 't a night that brings another day, 
I still could go rejoicing on my way,
Desiring in no phantom heav'n to dwell, 
Nor scared with terror of any phantom hell, 
But gazing now I find not death a curse 
Better than life perchance, at least not worse; 
Only the fierce and rending agony,
The torment of the flesh about to die, 
Afrights my soul; but that shall pass anon,
And death's repose or strife be found, that gone; 
Only with that last earthly ill to cope
God grant me strength, and I go forth with hope

July 17th, 1918.


Then this one was read (his 85th):-

WHEN the last long trek is over, 
And the last long trench filled in, 
I'll take a boat to Dover, 
Away from all the din;
I'll take a trip to Mendip,
I'll see the Wiltshire downs, 
And all my soul I'll then dip
In peace no trouble drowns.
Away from noise of battle,
Away from bombs and shells, 
I'll lie where browse the cattle,
Or pluck the purple bells ; 
I'll lie among the heather,
And watch the distant plain,
Through all the summer weather,
Nor go to fight again.

September 2nd, 1918.

 - he was killed that night, aged 21.




A vacancy exists for the role of Secretary to St Andrew's Parochial Church Council. The PCC deals with everything to do with the Church.

This role has been carried out by Zoe Goddard for the past 10 years; but Zoe has also been a Churchwarden for the past year, and wishes to relinquish the Secretaryship.

The position is an Honorary one, and for anyone interested in applying, a full job description is available. Generally, the job entails dealing with correspondence (not a great deal), preparing Agendas for and taking Minutes at meetings of the PCC every two months, etc.. Applicants need not be churchgoers and Zoe would be readily available to assist the successful applicant if required.

Anyone interested in applying for this post should contact either :-

Zoe Goddard       Tel:--01258861046 
                    e-mail:-- info AT goddardlandscapes.co.uk

Keith Bradley     Tel:- 01258 861 735
                    e-mail:-  k.bradley5 AT btinternet.com

The Fippenny News comes out at the beginning of each month.

If you don't already receive a copy, we can arrange delivery - just drop us a line through the CONTACT US tab on the left of your screen.  

Or ask Barbara:-  01258 861 524

Or  Jane:-   JKTapp AT talktalk DOT net

30p a copy (collect from the Church),

or £3 a year, delivered to your door.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council seeks 3 or 4 people to sit on a sub-Committee to help produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the village.

See the latest Fippenny News for more, or e-mail OkefordFitzpaine@dorsetparishes.gov.uk

Are you new to the Village?

Mike Wood and his Committee have prepared a very useful (and free) "Welcome" booklet to help you.  Click on the "CONTACT US" Link on the left of your screen, and ask for it.

Okeford Fitzpaine Village Hall

For progamme for 2013, see the latest issue of the Fippeny News, or

Diane Burt  01258 807 697  VillageHall AT okeford-fitzpaine DOT org

Fippenny Gardening Club

See the Fippenny News for more.

St. Andrew's Church

Service at 10:30 most Sundays,

everyone is welcome.

The Church is also open every day for private prayer - or simply somewhere to go to meditate alone, away from the cares of the world.

See The Fippenny News for full details of services.

Jane has produced a splendid little booklet on the history of the Church

Price £1, profit goes to Church funds.

JKTapp AT talktalk DOT net

Parish Council

The Parish Council now has a Tree Officer - Adam Saberton 01258 861 577 

Recycling for Charity

Drop recycleable stuff off at the Olde Bell Stores

for Wessex Cancer Trust.

HP, Lexmark, Dell and many Canon printer ink cartridges;

also branded toner cartridges, and old batteries.


aluminium foil, etc. (but not drinks cans), and old clothes (bagged, please)

can be dropped off at the school.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

A talk once a month.

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