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Village Community Group

Are you new to the Village?    Mike Wood, before he left after being in the village for 20 years, prepared a very useful (and free) "Welcome" booklet to help you.  Click >here< to ask for it.

Village Community Group


10am Saturday 6 November 2021
Okeford Fitzpaine Village Hall

Please join us
for a meeting to discuss items on the agenda
and to raise any issues or make
suggestions for the group.

Everyone is welcome
and you can stay for a coffee
and a home-baked treat!

Items for discussion:-

Mud Pie Cafe
Film Night
Online Auction
Xmas lunch tickets, volunteers etc
Mud Pie Christmas special
Wild flower project
Jubilee celebrations
Swing band party on 4th June
Card reader for card payments.
Defibrillator ongoing costs
Welcome Pack
Treasurer's report
Date of next meeting



Public De-fibrillator


The Village Community Group agreed to fund raise for a Life saving Defibrillator now installed in the village. This will serve all ages in the  event of a heart attack and will assist the Medical services more speedily to aid recovery from such an event.

The installation was notified to all households in the village with simple instructions on what to do in the event of such an occurrence.

This is considered to be a vital life support system in an area where we are distant from the emergency services, who will fully support the operation and upkeep of the defibrillator.

In order for us to provide this equipment we needed to raise £2500. And we did.

Should you wish to donate or raise funds for this or our other similar "village community" causes please contact any Village Community Member or call 861 063



The Village Community Group 

Okeford Fitzpaine entered the


which encourages:

Tidy and Litter Free Villages, Pride in Appearance, Protecting the Local Environment, Public Open Space, Public Buildings and Wildlife Habitat



Churchyards, Village Halls, Car Parks, Bus Shelters, Noticeboards, Recreation and Play Areas, Seats, Approaches to Farms, Shops, Pubs, Planted Areas, Verges, Hedgerows and Streets

Please help us to keep our Village Tidy

Valued Sponsorship, Donations and Prizes provided by:- Dorset County Council, East, North, West and Purbeck District Councils, Dorset Echo, Dorset Magazine and Blackmore Vale Magazine

For details of other Village Clean up days and meetings or the ways that you can help please check out this WebSite every week.  Or call 861 063.

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Over 180 returns were received  giving some interesting views in respect of the future of the Okeford Fitzpaine Parish.

A summary of responses is available in the Neighbourhood Plan shelf in the LIBRARY - click on that Tab on the left of your screen.


Best-Kept Village Competition

(Latest first)

From: Mike Wood
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:18 PM
Please see the comments below regarding where we lost points. Mainly around the village hall and play area. It looks as though they may have only visited once and that was before we did the big weeding around the church. So we need to be earlier next year. It was good to see that we were not one of the 7 that were below 90%. Good effort by everyone.


From: Rita Burden 
Date: 22 September 2014 22:09:10 BST
So pleased to hear you enjoyed the awards evening.
Okeford Fitzpaine village was visited in June and marked independently by three judges, and then the marks are added together.
Your total mark was 90%, the winner of your category – Large Village – received 94.78% (not a great difference!)
All sections are marked out of 10.
You scored a few 10’s and many 9’s
Areas where you lost marks were –
Weeds around the Church, Hall and War memorial
Condition of the Play area surfaces (also litter)
Litter in the stream by the play area
Please do not take any of this as criticism; you presented a well-loved village. Please keep up the good work and we look forward to coming back to visit you next year!


From: Mike Wood
Sent: 19 September 2014 :01
To: Rita Burden
It was a good evening last night and we learnt a lot from it. However, can I ask whether we get a copy of our scores in order that we can see where we went wrong?
I know that the judging is dependent when it took place but it would be helpful to us to see what you felt we failed in so as we can improve in our next attempt.


From: Mike Wood
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2014 3:07 PM

Just to let you know that we were unsuccessful in the Best Kept Village competition. However Mine and Gail’s attendance at the presentations last evening were very fruitful as it has given us some good ideas for next year. The Church Lytchgate was given a special mention. The general statement made regarding all villages was that there was a large amount of litter and weeds when they visited.

However we were not too despondent and look forward to a full on attempt next year. My thanks to everyone who helped to enhance the profile of the village.
We have been presented with £100 from the allotments group toy which we are very grateful. We will use this towards the Autumn/winter planting of the boxes which will be done by Gail when the trailing plants are at an end.
In respect of the next meeting can I suggest we meet on Wednesday 15th October at 7:30 in the pub. This will be to plan our course of action for the coming year plus to finalise the arrangements for the Christmas concert on December 19th.


From: Ian Berry
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:19 PM

Good to hear that you have received an invitation. No matter what the result, it has been great for the village to begin to pull together - as you know, one of my regular gripes!! Looking forward to more collaboration on village projects.


From: Mike Wood
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:56 AM

No news on the Best Kept village results as yet. We have been invited to attend the prizegiving evening reception on 18th September. Not sure if they announce winners before this event or not. 


From: Mike Wood, Sunday, May 18, 2014 10:02 AM

Once again my thanks to all those who participated in the clean up on Saturday.

We are progressing well and once the top coat is applied to the posts I will install the flower boxes. We have 10 altogether and need a good selection of plants to populate them all. So if you or your neighbours have any spare plants please let me know. I am away this weekend at a family wedding but propose to apply the topcoat on Wednesday (weather permitting). I will start around 10am so if there are any other bodies free I’ll be glad to see you there. To keep the pound under control from weeds I suggest that we apply a weed killer if there are no objections. 

Can I suggest that we have a meeting in the pub on Wednesday at 7pm to discuss the future plans and proposals?

Mike Wood

01258 860 146      mike AT nutmegcottage DOT net

Another good turnout - about a dozen public-spirited people - and between us we finished the painting of the railings and posts opposite St. Lo; the flower "mangers" by the Cross were loaded and charged; and a start was made on clearing up the Pound.

Do please have a look as you go past.

And a big THANK YOU to those who are helping to make the village look well-kept. 

Thank you, too, for the contributions of paint, of plants, and of money for the coffee !

                                                                                      17 May 2014

From Mike Wood, Thursday, May 15, 2014 10:10 AM:-

It looks as though the weather is favourable for this Saturday so I propose that the following work is carried out:
1. Wipe the posts and undercoat prior to topcoat application. Maybe foru or five people. If you have any paint pots that we can put the paint into then this will allow us to spread out a little. 
2. The Pound has now had the BT cables removed (thanks to Mike Burt) so we can have about ffour people weeding this area.
3. The kerbside outside the shop and the pub needs to have the debris removed.
4. The signposts on the corner of the old school triangle joining Higher street with castle lane and the one outside the museum need to be rubbed down and painted black.
I have now installed the flower baskets at the Jubilee Plaque on the Cross and planting will be carried out by Gail shortly. We are in need of plants for the ten boxes for along the railings which will be put in place on completion of painting.
Unfortunately I am medically unfit to help out non Saturday but Gail has agreed to coordinate the events. If we can have some idea as to who is available that would be appreciated.
Hopefully the teas / coffees will be on hand to quench the thirsts. [Yes, they will!  Under the Lytchgate.]
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation..
Mike Wood

mike AT nutmegcottage DOT net

From Mike Wood, Sunday, May 04, 2014 10:22 AM
Once again a Huge thank you to everyone for their gallant efforts yesterday. The teas and coffees provided have been most welcome along with the tasty treats.

The area around the Church, the wheelchair access route to the Church, and the wall around Bernard’s has been totally cleaned and transformed by the efforts.

The railings stand out for the right reasons and once the posts are completed it will be a real showpiece.

I hope to start the undercoating of the posts on Wednesday (weather permitting). Once the painting is completed the flower boxes can be installed and we will then be looking at volunteers to populate them and to keep them in a healthy condition.

Our next big effort will be the weekend after next (Saturday 17th May) when, hopefully, we can complete the clean up of the square, paint the signpost supports and clean along Lower St.

It is very noticeable how residents are taking the extra effort on their own properties which is most pleasing.

If there is an area that you notice that is not being maintained (other than private properties) please let me know and I will try to establish who is responsible. I will contact Signpost housing to ask them to give a little extra TLC to their locations of interest.

Once again MANY THANKS to all those who have supported with their help and donations.

From Mike Wood, Thursday, 1st May, 2014 :-

I want to thank everyone for their gallant efforts yesterday in our first village clean up campaign. It was good to see over 20 supporters ably undertaking the tasks in hand. I feel that the efforts were well worthwhile and the comments I have received have been very complimentary. The plans for next weekend is to concentrate on the rubbing down of the white posts and the railings, undercoat and topcoat paint the posts and railings. Also we will weed around the church perimeter.

I hope that we can have similar numbers offering their assistance. We have received two donations of £30 each towards the costs of materials from Pat & Geoff Otter (Fippenny Hollow) and Fay and Trevor Powell (Castle Lane) which will be put towards the flower boxes. I will purchase a total of 10 boxes as agreed for the railings and the timber to make the three wooden boxes around the cross. We have also had 2 off 60ltr bags of compost donated by the Gardening club and there is also a quantity being donated by the school.

I understand that there was some criticism regarding the Operations of the Village Community Group and I hope that the efforts of this weekend and the improvements effected will suppress any further comments. It is also noticeable around the village that residents are taking extra steps around their own properties to help us in our cause with the Best Kept Village.

Once again thank you all for your valuable support.


Well !

That WAS a good effort !  We were about twenty people, Saturday morning.  Some cleaned up around the Cross, and the others cleaned the wall under the railingson the South side of the road, between St. Lo and The Old Rectory, removing moss, weeds, mud, etc..

And didn't we do well !  Have a look next time you go past.


AND - thank you, Dylis for the banana bread, and Sue for the flapjacks - AND for the coffee to restore us!.  And it was a great pleasure to chat to our fellow- villagers!  In this busy age, it's not often that we get a chance to meet the neighbours.


There will be another "working party" next Saturday; meet at the Pub car park at 10:15.  The main aim will be to prepare, then paint the railings and the posts, so you know what to bring!  Also more gardening clean up around the outside of the churchyard wall, including the footpath at the top (South) end (the wheelchair access).


And the time after that we shall be planting hanging tubs on those railings.


Village Community Group.

Meeting of  Saturday 15th March

re: BEST Kept Village.

In attendance:

Ian Berry                  Marilyn Berry      Sandie Buckley         Gail  Morris (GM)

Julie Newell  (JN)       Roy Bentley       Jacquie Dakin (JD)     Mike Wood  (MW)


1.         Areas of consideration:       

              Bowey Field          Recreation Ground              Cross

              Pub                      Shop                                    Church

              Village Hall           Pound                                  School


2.         Erect 2 off 1 metre, 1 off 1.5 metre flower boxes and 1 off large basket either side of commemorative stone at the cross.  ACTION: MW to advise of types of boxes to JD. JD to approach Gardeners' World for help/providing boxes. MW to request clearance from Parish council.

3.         Erect 3 off 1.5 metre overhanging flower boxes on railings along raised footpath from centre to church, plus 2 off in the upper section to Higher street junction. ACTION: MW to advise of types of boxes to JD. JD to approach Gardeners' World for help/providing boxes. MW to request clearance from Highways via Parish council.

NB: These to be planted with geraniums or similar.  ACTION: Ask community for assistance to provide.  Leaflet drop by all group members.

4.         Plant flowers at entrance notices to village. ACTION: MW to approach Parish council for acceptance.

4.         Clean up the area around the cross (remove moss / weeds). ACTION: Circulate community with details for Saturday 26th April and May 3rd.

5.         Clean up along the raised footpath area. Paint railings and supports. ACTION: Circulate community with details for Saturday 26th April and May 3rd   and ask for materials (Black metal / Hammerite paint and white gloss).

6.         Organise “Village clean up”  ACTION: Circulate community with details for Saturday 26th April and May 3rd.

NB:  JN to Contact PUB to see if we can use the pub grounds to meet (maybe provide bacon butties/coffee)??

         GM to ask shop if they would let her dress the window.    

Village Community Group

Meeting of 5th March 2014.

In attendance:

Mike Wood     Ian Berry         Marilyn Berry        Gail Morris         Margaret MacCleod

Win Bentley   Jacquie Dakin   Jeremy Gartside   Dilys Gartside   Julie Newell.

1.         The Valentines night was a great success and the total profit was £202.64. £100 was donated to the school funds and the remainder retained for future Village projects. It was agreed that we set up a bank account in respect of raising funds and purchasing equipment. Gail has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer to ensure all is above board and transparent.

                                                            ACTION:  Gail and Mike to set up account

2.         Discussions on the Dorset Best Kept Village Competition 2014 took place and it was agreed that we would enter only the “Best Kept” section.  The application form will be forwarded by April 7th. (ACTION – MIKE). The main areas that we will concentrate on are the Church, Village cross, School, Pub, Shop/Museum and the raised pathway to the church. The following have offered to take on the responsibility of viewing and putting together a proposal for the respective locations.

Shop / Museum                     Mike & Gail

Church                                   Robin & Susie

Cross                                     Sandie

Walkway                                Win & Roy

School                                    Ian

Pub                                        Julie & Margaret       

At the next meeting we will discuss in detail the individual proposals and get some idea of labour requirements and costs. We will then arrange for a general “walk around” to air the views and settle on the plan of attack.

STOP PRESS: I have found out that the judging is done in MAY….so we have only a little time to get our act together…probably on a shoe string unless we can get some sponsorship. We all need to work hard on this…..

3.         In order to raise additional funds it was agreed that we organise a family BBQ. Date agreed was Saturday 28th June with the possible venue being the school. (ACTION – Ian to investigate). We would also have some form of entertainment in the school playing field. (ACTION – Margaret to investigate). 

4.         The Fippenny Fayre is being held on June 15th and we were asked if we could assist them with the Refreshments on a rota basis. It was agreed that we would be able to arrange to give some assistance. In addition we will have a table which we can promulgate our activities and intentions (BBQ, Best kept Village etc).

5.         Date of next meeting:  March 26th 7pm (pub).


The Village Community Group (formerly the Well-Being Committee) held an evening of music with Simone & Garfunkel in the village hall on Valentine's night. Around 50 people attended it and all had a good evenings entertainment of music created by Simon & Garfunkel along with a chilli supper. The aim was to raise funds for the school in it’s 200th year anniversary and for future village projects.  This includes the entering into the “Best Kept Village” contest this year. Further details will be provided in due course. A donation of £100 was presented to the school from the evening’s profits.

The Well-Being Committee

Notes from meeting of 15th Jan 2014 

In attendance:

Mike Wood   Gail Morris   Margaret MacLeod    Sandie Buckley   

Ian & Marilyn Berry    Roy & Win Bentley   Jeremy & Dilys Gartside   Alan Frampton

Name change to “The Village Community Group”

1.         It was agreed to hold a social evening in the village hall (booked) to commemorate Valentines Day on Friday 14th February. The profits will be donated to the school in support of their 200th Anniversary celebrations.

2.         The entertainment will be provided by Simone & Garfunkel from 7:30 to late. (Booked)

3.         A licensed bar will be run by us with profits to the cause. Mike to check on sale or return arrangements with supermarket. Glasses also to be provided by same. Bar manned by Allan and John.

4.         Food will be provided in the form of chilli with jacket potato and French bread.  A veggie alternative will be available. Food prepared by Gail, Sandie, Win, Margaret, Eve, & Marilyn. (+ others if needed).

5.         Tables to be set up around 3pm on Friday and hall decorated with red balloons etc.  Tablecloths to be acquired (lunch club?). Red rose on each table.

6.         Posters / numbered tickets to be compiled by Margaret and run off by the school (also to provide the paper / card). Theme = “Share a romantic evening with Simone & Garfunkel” , Flyers to be sent to all homes in Okeford by school. Notify that limited numbers so early ticket purchasing advised. £7 in advance £9 on the door if availability permits. Profits to the Okeford Fitzpaine school in support of their 200th Anniversary. Organised by “The Village Community Group”. Posters in shop and on telegraph poles around village. Promote on village website.

7.         Tickets on sale from Shop, school and via committee members.

8.         Meeting in the pub at 7pm on Wednesday 12th Feb to finalise numbers etc.

Mike Wood

Should you have any proposals for the Group to consider please contact 

Mike Wood,     01258 860 146      mike AT nutmegcottage DOT net,

or click on the "CONTACT US" Tab.

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