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Mrs Kate Harvey
Did anyone know Mrs Kate Harvey, she was my great grandmother, buried in Okeford Fitzpaine churchyard.
Her son was Cedric Harvey and with a relation called Doreen? Hall.
I'm trying to compile a family tree for my son and daughters.
My mother was Joan Harvey and my father was Brian Bonner.
Posted by Julian Bonner on 30 August 2015
Rose Family Tree
Hi Chris, Just stumbled across this and noticed you are in my family tree!
June Agnes Rose was your mother, right?
Well, her older sister, Frances Olive Bessie Rose (Wright) was my Grandmother.
I think that makes you and my mother Peggy Byrd (Wright) first cousins!
We were looking at Okeford Fitzpaine (we're living in Australia now) and Mum thinks that Brooklyn (she lived there for a while with her Grandparents William and Rose Mary Rogers (Rose) was in Higher St, not Lower St.
We were searching on Streetview, Google Maps. I have photos of her standing with your Grandmother in front of the place. Think we found it. Will confirm with you once I hear back from you.
I have a lot of information about the Roses and Okeford Fitzpaine, as well as a lot of photos you may be interested in.
Regards, Anthea Chester
Posted by Anthea Chester on 07 June 2014
25 lower street
Always thought this house was called "Brooklyn" by my mother's family, the Rose family.

Did anybody know William Williams Rose and wife Roseanna Rose formerly Rogers?

-------[ Reply ]--------------
Both of those are buried in our Churchyard.

Perhaps these results may help:-

From http://www.freebmd.org.uk/

Marriages Oct-Dec 1908
Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
ROGERS Rosanna Mary Sturminster 5a 558
ROSE William Williams Sturminster 5a 558

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Deaths Dec 1908 (>99%)
ROSE William Robert G 57 Sturminster 5a 126

Deaths Mar 1917 (>99%)
Rose William 79 Weymouth 5a 545

Deaths Jun 1919 (>99%)
Rose William 43 Sturminster 5a 237

Deaths Dec 1936 (>99%)
Rose William 76 Sturminster 5a 220

Deaths Dec 1940 (>99%)
Rose William C 73 Sturminster 5a 539

Deaths Dec 1945 (>99%)
Rose William 78 Blandford 5a 245

Deaths Dec 1949 (>99%)
Rose William L 48 Blandford 6a 447

Deaths Sep 1950 (>99%)
Rose William 75 Sturminster 6a 436

Deaths Mar 1955 (>99%)
Rose William 80 Blandford 6a 586

Deaths Mar 1959 (>99%)
ROSE William S 83 Sturminster 7c 907

Deaths Jun 1960 (>99%)
ROSE William E 83 Bournemouth 6b 96

Deaths Dec 1963 (>99%)
Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Deaths Jun 1929 (>99%)
Rose Rosalind M 34 Wareham 5a 309
Deaths Sep 1938 (>99%)
ROSE Rosie E 39 Bournemouth 2b 868
Deaths Dec 1950 (>99%)
Rose Rose E 73 Weymouth 6a 609
Deaths Mar 1952 (>99%)
ROSE Rosa 73 Bournemouth 6b 107
Deaths Jun 1957 (>99%)
ROSE Rosa B 73 Bournemouth 6b 105
Deaths Sep 1962 (>99%)
ROSE Rose M 79 Weymouth 7c 683
From the Register of graves on this Site, there are 19 Roses
Surname First Names Row No. Date buried
Rose Roseanna Mary R 8 04/01/1959 [aged 77 ?]
Rose William W. R 14 02/03/1964


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Births Mar 1882 (>99%)
Rogers Rosanna Mary Sturminster 5a 239

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Births Jun 1851 (>99%)
ROSE William Sturminster 8 127

Births Jun 1855 (>99%)
Rose William Stephen Sturminster 5a 245

Births Jun 1860 (>99%)
ROSE William Sturminster 5a 194
ROSE William Sturminster 5a 249

Births Dec 1867 (>99%)
Rose William Sturminster 5a 228

Births Sep 1871 (>99%)
ROSE William Sturminster 5a 245

Births Dec 1874 (>99%)
Rose William Sturminster 5a 244

Births Jun 1876 (>99%)
Rose William Samuel Sturminster 5a 208

Births Mar 1880 (>99%)
Rose William John G Sturminster 5a 253
ROSE William John G Sturminster 5a 258

Births Sep 1885 (>99%)
Rose William Sturminster 5a 242
Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page
Births Mar 1920 (>99%)
Rose Christopher G Rogers Northallerton 9d 1581
=========[ Ed. ]==================
Posted by Chris reigate on 12 May 2013
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