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1966 Auction Catalogue

You can download this as a WORD document by clicking >here< - but it is not complete yet.  It runs to 23 pages, of which the first 5 are below.  I have uploaded the photograhs >here< -  but you won't be able to see them unless you "join".

Please bring these Particulars to the Sale                                                 Price £1











1,290 ACRES

Valuable Freehold Properties







28th  JULY, 1966





Autioneers:                                                                            Solicitors:

Messrs. Senior & Godwin,                       Messrs. Payne, Hicks Beacj & Co.,

Chartered Auctioneers,                                             10 & 11, New Square,

Sturminster Newton (‘phone 244)                                   Lincoln’s Inn, WC2

Dorset, and Branches                                             (’phone Chancery 6041)





Applicants will appreciate that viewing of Lots which are let is by courtesy of the Tenants on production of these Particulars, and wherever practicable convenient appointments should be made at reasonable times.



Purchasers will assist by completing this slip and handing to the Auctioneers.


Purchasers Name …………………………………………………………………..

Address ………………………………………………………………………………….



Lot No.  ..………………………………………………………………………………….



N O R T H   D O R S E T

3 miles from Sturminster Newton, 7 Blandford




Valuable Freehold Properties

Most of

O K E F O R D   F I T Z P A I N E   P A R I S H

A part of the well-known Rivers Estate

1 , 2 9 0   A c r e s


6    F A R M S

4 6   t o   2 1 7   A c r e s


365 Acres of Accommodation Land in 20 Lots








44 Acres of WOODLAND




S E N I O R   &   G O D W I N

will SELL AT AUCTION IN 22 lots

by instructions from the Executors of the late Captain G.H.I.F.Pitt-Rivers






commencing at 11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.



OKEFORD FITZPAINE has been in the ownership of the Vendor’s family for over three hundred years, called “Adford” in Domesday Book, it belonged to the Fitzpaine family in the 13th Century, and then became known as Ockford Fitzpain. In the 17th Century it passed to the Frekes of Iweren Courtney, thence to the Hon. George Pitt, who became Baron Rivers of Stratfield Say, and has sunce been in the unbroken possession of the Pitt-Rivers family.

This EXTENSIVE and IMPORTANYT SALE of Properties which have never before been in the open market gives to Farmers, Tenants, Investors and others the opportunity to buy freeholds in one of the loveliest and most fertile districts in the south.

Agricultural land is the most secure investment, the real value of which is likely to continue to rise, not only on accont of the present rapid inflation of the currency. But also through the rising trend of population both nationally and world-wide, coupled with increasing food requirements and the inevitable rise in prices, if, as seems probable, entry is made to the Common Market.

For Investment, the let properties, which are moderately rented, carry the additional advantage of substantial capital appreciation in the event of Vacant Possession arising, whilst the 45 per cent concession on Agricultural Property brings a very material saving in Estate Duty.

DISTANCES. Okeford Fittpaine Ues one mile wm of the A350 road, at Shillingstone. 3 miles souih of Sturminster Newton with its large market. 7 miles north of Blandford Forum, which has good shopping facilities and schools. Dorchester, the County Town, is 18 miles, with Poole, Bournemouth and the Coast 25 miles distant. Gillingham. with 2¼ hour train service to Waterloo is 12 miles, Yeovil 22, Salisbury 27.

THE VILLAGE, which has about 619 inhabitants, is of medium size and unspoilt, having a 16tb Century Church. Junior School. Stores and Post Office. Village Inn. and Garage:; bus services go to towns in the area.

In the Village is the old-established Milk Factory of Messrs. Edward Phillips and Son, where cheese and butter are made, and some small light industries have been started in recent years.

OKEFORD FITZPAINE lies at the southern end of the well-known Blackmore Vale, mainly pastoral, and well timbered, rising to the south up Okeford Hill, which is part of the mid-Dorset chalk upland, from which magnificent viewg can be seen. The land in the vale is mostly between the 200 fed and 300 feet contours, increasing to 700 ft at the top of Okeford Hill.

GEOLOGY. On the north-west of the Estate the soil is loam on clay subsoil, the greater part of the land in the centre is rich loam and greensand. whilst on the south is the chalk hill with light loam soil.

SPORTING. The Properly is in the Portman Hunt, and meets of the South Dorset and
Biackmore Vale Hounds are also within easy reach. Golf at Blandford Course, 8 miles. Coarse fishing in the Stour at Sturminster and Blandford Good trout and salmon fishing at Wool on the Frome 17 miles   Poole Harbour, the popular Yachtman's Centre is 22 miles

EDUCATIONAL  Pnmary School in Okclord Village. Senior Modern Schools at Sturminster and Blandford Private School for Girls at Shillingstone (2 miles) Well-known Public and Preparatory Schools within ten-mile radius.

FARMING in the locality is mainly devoted to milk production; livestock do well here, fattening without concentrates on the vale land, and wintering out well on the dry chalkland of Okeford Hill. Each Farm has been kitted so as to make the main holding a satisfactory unit in itself, to which accommodation land can be added it desired. There is a ready demand for land in the area, and most of the Tenants are of long standing

The ACCOMMODATION LAND totals 199 Acres in 20 convenient Lots. 35 Acres being with Vacant Possession. the remainder subject to tenancy form maintenance free investments

FIVE VILLAGE HOUSES are to be sold with Vacant Possession, all suitable for improvement and modernisation, in particular. St Loes has great potential as a high-class character residence.

SEVEN TENANTED HOUSES and COTTAGES include several properties of character, and all have great scope for capital appreciation should vacant possession arise.

WATER SUPPLIES. Main Water is connected to moat of the properties from the system of the Poole and East Dorset Water Board (formerly the Sturmmster Rural District Council). The current rate of charge is 3s 0d per 1.000 gallons by meter, and on a graduated scale to houses Main Water pipelines are laid under much of the land, in positions indicated on Plan No I: most of these pipelines were laid by virtue of a 99-year Lease dated 23rd July. 1937. between the Vendor and the Sturminstcr R D.C

DRAINAGE. The  Main Sewer serves most of the Village Properties, and the position of the pipes is indicated on Plan No. 2.

MAIN ELECTRICITY is supplied throughout the area from the Southern Electricity Board's system: fixtures belonging thereto are situated on many of the Lots, which are subject to the usual Wayleave Agreements, and the sales are subject thereto.

TIMBER.  Where stated under the Particulars of respective Lots the Purchaser is to pay for the standing timber at the sum mentioned, in addition to the purchase price for the freehold, payment to be made on completion of the purchase   There is a considerable amount of timber, chiefly oak, standing on other Lots. and this is included in the Sale without separate charge

COMPLETION of the PURCHASES of Lots 7,.11, 12. 16, 18 and 24 is to be made on 29th September. 1966. when Vacant Possession of these Lots will be given. Completion of (he purchases  of the remainder of the Lots is to be made on 31st August, 1966, when Vacant Possession of the Lots so sold will be given   Other Lots are sold subject to the existing tenancies.

TENURE.   All the properties are Freehold

TENANCY and other AGREEMENTS can be inspected by appointment at the Rivers Estate Office. Hinton St Mary. Sturminster Newton (phone Sturminster Newton 623).

VIEWING. The Houses which are to be sold with Vacant Possession can be viewed by obtaining the keys from Mrs Woolridge. 86 High Street, Okeford Fitzpaine.

Land which is to be sold with Vacant Possession can be viewed without appointment.

Tenanted Property can be seen by courtesy of the respective Tenants on production of these Particulars, and wherever practicable convenient appointments should be made at reasonable times.




The Auction will take place on Thursday. 28th July, 1966 in two sessions -

Commencing at 11 a.m.—Lots I to 22.
Commencing at 2.30 p.m.  -- Lots 23 to 44.


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