The  research papers  linked on this page are those written by our members. Some  have been written especially for topics that we as a group have discussed, others are individual researches.

Whilst Penny was on-line searching through the Nottingham Borough Records looking for snippets for the Society's Ricardian Chronicle she came across the case of Cornerwong, an ongoing  legal dispute over the ownership of  a piece of land  - what else  would it be  - it was the fifteenth century!

     "Of course land disputes were two a penny in the fifteenth century & not usually very interesting because all we have is a brief court report or reference. What I found interesting about the case of Cornerwong was that through the various documents the whole human drama comes to life in their own words & in the kind of detail that I've only come across before in the Paston letters. By the time I'd assembled it I felt I knew them all."                     

                                                                Penny Lawton



Penny's investigation into her near neighbour Ralph Rudyard of Rudyard and his family's  tradition that he killed King Richard at the battle of Bosworth in 1485.




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