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08 September 2018
What MPs have to say for themselves

An innovative way of finding out what MPs have to say for themselves

Have you ever wondered what Members of Parliament have to say outside the House of Commons?

Most MPs have their own website where they express their own views, so what we done is put together some members of the cabinet and shadow cabinet, together with some other MPs, all on one website called MP OGGLE.

You can go from MP to MP with one simple click.   It's a one stop website to find out what makes MPs tick.   No need to search for names, they are on the menu.


You will find big differences in the websites, some are more informative than others.   Many reflect the character of the MP, some are indifferent while others are warm and caring, some are not even kept up to date.

Our readers can make MP OGGLE more interesting by giving their views on  our READERS LETTERS.


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