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05 August 2018
DIY Funerals

Is this the answer to high cost funerals?

A reader writes about the high cost of funerals and says that it cost her £4,500 to bury her mother at Llantwit cemetery.

We have done a follow-up as we often do with Readers Letters.
We give a link below for FUNERAL OGGLE - the one stop website for Funerals, Wills and Probate:


It should be noted that you can, if you so wish, carry out a DIY burial, and we have embeded a Youtube video on this:

Please give your views in Readers Letters.

Burial at Sea

Although many people who are buried at sea are former sailors or navy personnel, there is no need to have a connection with maritime life. 

Anyone can be buried at sea, so long as the person arranging it has a licence - available for £175 from the MMO - and complies with some environmental rules.

Applicants must provide a certificate from a doctor that the body is clear of fever and infection, and the coroner may also need to be informed.

The person being buried must not be embalmed and should be clad in light, biodegradable clothing.

Source: BBC News:


Direct Cremations

A direct cremation is another option.  See details on:  http://www.spanglefish.com/funeraloggle/index.asp

The cost of a cremation at Margam and Swansea crematoriums is currently between £500 and £600.  Coffins suitable for cremation are available from a Bridgend firm from £99.


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