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02 August 2018
+ ID Cards

 +   ID Cards are available now

A reader reports that plastic ID Cards with your photo included are available now for a reasonable price.

These are handy for those having no driving licence, no bus pass or anything with a photograph on it.

ID Cards are of course used by MPs, HM Forces and the employees of many firms.

Banks, Building Societies and other bodies now require indentification before dealing with customers as a measure against fraud and theft.

Here's one firm that can provide you with more details:


For a more official card click on the following link:


+  The much talked about NATIONAL ID CARD would include your National Insurance Number and life saving information like your blood group and medication which would be invaluable for diabetics and others with medical problems.   Indeed, once they are accepted by people they could be the means of saving many lives.

List of countries who already have National ID Cards:


According to the list in Wikipedia, only seven countries in the world do not have National ID cards - the United Kingdom being one.

See the views of our readers in READERS LETTERS.

++ Even countries like Kenya have ID Cards, just look at the following video:

Many in the UK dislike the idea - see all the views in Readers Letters

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