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14 July 2018
+ Neath Carnival

+Neath Carnival - fun for some but hell for others

A resident writes:

"Now imagine the residents of Court Herbert having to put up with this noise on the Friday afternoon when they are setting everything up and howling into microphones, then creating a noise for the whole of Friday night and the following Saturday and all Saturday night. It is without doubt absolutely horrendous. But do the round table members care? Like hell they do. They are nothing but a bunch of selfish people who do not care what they do or who’s peace they shatter, just to get themselves a pat on the back in the newspapers. Then they finish off the Friday night, by frightening the hell out of domesticated animals and wildlife, without any warnings with a load of frightening bangs and show of fireworks. What a waste of money when they are supposed to be collecting it for charity!!
I never take notice of superstitions normally. But today being Friday the 13th and also the round table carnival again being held in the Court Herbert playing fields."

The above is just a brief extract taken from a letter on our Readers Letter page.


A flood of letters with complaints about the Carnival noise on the Court Herbert fields are posted on our Letters Page.   It is stated that the noise levels are worse this year than they have ever been.

Why should the actions of a minority affect the majority?    Notice must be taken of the complaints when the noise levels exceed a reasonable level. What is happening at Court Herbert is far from reasonable and must not be allowed again.

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