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02 July 2018
Know more about YOUTUBE

Know more about YOUTUBE

Add your comments to a Youtube video

Youtube is growing and can now be even seen on smart TVs.   You can also leave your comments in text below the picture.    For an example, if you don't like the video, or what is being said, then write and give your views.

It is easy to do, here is one of several videos that show you the way:


If you wish, you can send us a copy of what you have written and we will repeat it on this website.   This is another step forward in making this website more transparent and democratic.

ALSO - If you have second thoughts and want to delete your comments you can easily do it.

If you didn't follow the above video you can find more on Youtube.   You can, of course, put your own video on Youtube like other Neath residents have done.

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