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08 April 2018
Passion at Port Tallbot


Passion at Port Talbot

Look what happens when 

a community gets together

Duration: 1 hour.

OK. we know, we know, you don't have to tell us, this video should have been put on last weekend (Easter) for a better impact.    On the other hand it could have been a distraction of what really took place all those years ago.

We cannot help wondering if this Passion production has influenced our council and officials to the extent that they have disregarded the Great Neath September Fair, the Food & Drink Fair and above all the heriitage of Neath that goes back to Roman Times - something that no other town or city in Wales can match.

But apart from this, it shows what a community can do when someone leads the way as  you will see in the following video when Michael Sheen expresses many concerns often mentioned by our readers:

Duration: 1 hour 3min.

Please let us have your comments in Readers Letters.

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