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01 February 2018
Super Moon

Got it!  Mike Davies captures Super Moon

Jan 31st 2018, the super moon has risen in the UK’s night skies and coincides with a supermoon, making it appear 14 percent brighter

There is a supermoon - when a full moon orbits closest to earth.

  A blood moon is just another name for a full moon that's going through a total eclipse. the nickname refers to the moons rusty-reddish tint caused by the reflection of sunlight, during the eclipse.

Many viewers in certain parts of the world were blessed with seeing a lunar eclipse but not here in the UK

 This image was taken over the vale of Neath, and I was fortunate as we had heavy cloud, and when the moon was rising the clouds parted allowing me a fantastic view of our nearest celestial neighbour.

Before the clouds rolled in again, luck was on my side,

The average distance between the Earth and the moon is 239,000 miles.

....Mike Davies.

See menu ---- Neath Night Sky to view the Moon shot.

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