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16 January 2018
Praise for Neath Social Services

Hospital Bed on loan for Neath Resident

A reader praises the Neath Social Services team for the care and attention to his wife who has Myelofibrosis.   (See letters page)

Myelofibrosis is a serious bone marrow disorder that disrupts your body's normal production of blood cells. The result is extensive scarring in your bone marrow, leading to severe anemia, weakness, fatigue and often an enlarged spleen.

A brand new hospital bed (pictured) has been supplied ready for her return from a local care home.   The bed is motorised which allows multi positions for the comfort of the patient. 

The aim of the authorities is to care for people at home with attendances by Social Service carers.    It is yet to be seen if the plan works out as expected.

Read the letter response which refers to our ageing population.

Photo:  Demo photo from a promotional website.

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